I need your help, O Blog Readers. We’ve been invited to a Halloween party (at an old house … see there, I’m staying on topic) with a ’70s theme. Since I was not born yet during that decade (help me now, hate me later), I need ideas for a costume to wear.

My mom owns a costume and party store, so you’d think I would be all set. Certainly, we can get the accessories – disco ball earrings, fake chest hair – from there. But one of the hosts is planning to go as Wonder Woman, and I like the idea of dressing up as some kind of pop culture figure rather than Pimp and Ho. Ideally, D and I could figure out coordinating costumes.

(Halloween_lover – this is your time to shine!)

The Parameters:

  • I haven’t worn a size 6 since 1992, when I wore pleated plaid skirts with color-coordinated shirts tucked in. So I need something non-skimpy. Darnit, that means the track shorts and knee socks with stripes are out.
  • D likes Dukes of Hazzard (we have NOT and I WILL NOT see the movie), but if we dressed up as a couple of rednecks, people would think we’d stumbled into the wrong party.
  • I like disco.
  • Tall shoes are a must.
  • Anything that would require extensive hair and makeup machinations on my part is a bonus.
  • Funny is good but not essential.
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