I’m still in Dallas. Last night our company sponsored a party at Gilly’s (the mechanical bull bar from Urban Cowboy). No, I did not ride the bull. There were free drinks, but it would take about 100 of them to make me ride a bucking mechanical beast.

I’ll probably get home around midnight tomorrow and will doubtless be too beat the next day to work on the house. Darnit! Another weekend lost. But D is halfway through his two weeks of night shift, so maybe I can get some work done in the evenings next week.

I’m eager to start on the countertop tiling. D’s friend/tiling expert told us to install cement backerboard, so that’s the next project in line, I guess.

We still have some tile-bashing to do. Since I tested out the curved shower curtain rod here in Dallas, I’m wishing I could have a tub that used one. But we’ll only have the clawfoot. Oh well, the clawfoot will be worth it.

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