Last night I went with neighbor D to an organic gardening class that taught you how to compost. I think composting is a great idea, but I am also a very lazy person. So I bought a 50-pound bag of “finished” compost from the dude and am planning to use it around my stagnating peony and in the soon-to-be flowerbed next to the driveway.

Apparently, to make proper compost you need lots of “green” materials – though green is a deceptive term since most of the “green” stuff is actually horse manure, fish parts, etc. He let us sniff his tub of marinating fish guts … mmmm, that was yummy.

His garden looked awesome, though. Beautiful flowers and the cutest cornstalks “companion growing” with beans and squash. I felt like a cool, crunchy-granola person just being there. One of the other attendees even had a Toyota Prius in the color I want!

Some of the tips didn’t seem out of my reach – like using pellets of alfalfa rabbit food or cattle feed as fertilizer. Interesante. I need to check out the Web site he recommended – The Dirt Doctor – and read up some more about the chemistry … or is it biology? … behind all this.

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