Our oven has been troublesome from the beginning. It was that lovely avacado color, and it generally overheated by about 50 degrees. Recently it started a new trick: cooking the tops of things so you think they’re done, but then when you take them out, you realize the bottom half is totally uncooked.

I forgot about this trick when I volunteered to back a cookie cake for my sister’s birthday/graduation party yesterday. I remembered in the middle of mixing up the dough, and D set to work figuring out the problem. It turned out a wire was disconnected from the bottom coil. He had to take the oven out of the wall to fix it, and he had to take the door off to do that. So I figured it was the perfect time to finally spray paint the oven door off-white. I bought the paint a while back in the Great Sherwin-Williams 50 Percent Off Sale of 2005.

I cleaned the door – it was horribly, embarrassingly filthy because we never cleaned it after we moved in … we don’t cook much, OK. Then D took it apart and hung the front on a wire hanger from the limb of a crepe myrtle.

I spray painted. D unwisely hovered around telling me the “right” way to do it. To his surprise it turned out beautifully. So there, Expert in All Things House-related.

Unfortunately, the paint didn’t dry in time to re-attach the door and bake the cookie cake. So we loaded the thing up and took it to Mom and Dad’s to bake. All was well, except when I decorated it I got carried away with the size of the letters and ended up decorating it like this:


Ha, I’m a loser at cooking.

Anyway, this morning D reattached the oven door, and it looks great.

We now have all matching appliances. Now we’ll see if the paint can hold up to the heat. We tested it out with cinnamon rolls this morning, and both the newly reattached heating thingy and door worked perfectly.

In other news, I’m going to the beach for a work meeting and won’t be back until Wednesday evening. I know it will be hard, but you’ll just have to muddle through without me for a few days. ;)

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