I am taking some much-needed time off from work. Thursday and Friday I’ll be home working diligently on the kitchen instead of sitting behind a desk daydreaming about being home working on my kitchen.

I am NOT allowed to spend half the day reading blogs and tinkering with the html on my site.

On Saturday, we’re going to an antique auction in Eutaw. The town is slightly famous for them. I hope some of our more knowledgable old house neighbors will be there to give us some pointers. Antiques are apparently a very important part of old home ownership in Eutaw. When we went on the tour last year, the guides kept spouting names of furniture designers, china manufacturers, etc., and we just nodded along, pretending not to be totally ignorant of it all.

Across-the-street neighbor Miss Judy (D’s sort-of aunt) pointed out that antiques are an investment that increases in value, while new furniture decreases in value (at least in the short term). That’s an excellent point, but it’s still tough for us to plunk down $3,500 for a dining room suite that’s missing a leaf in the table when our kitchen reno is still in progress, we need new flooring in the back hall and office, the north side of the house and the front porch need new paint soon, the entire interior of the house needs new paint (all the way up to the 12-foot ceilings), and the whole master bathroom is due for a total tear-down and redo.

So I think this first antique auction will be more of a learning experience than an actual shopping trip. The card table in our dining room will have to do for now.

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