Now I understand why everyone makes such a big deal about NYC. The cultural diversity, the people everywhere, the traffic, the food, the architecture, the shopping – wow. Just wow. I love it.

I’m already planning my next trip … maybe a week next year with D. He’s pouting because I had so much fun while he was home pining away for me. Technically, it was a business trip, but I squeezed some sight seeing in, too. And I bought a snazzy pair of pointy-toed shoes (which I am now wearing on my aching, blistered feet).

The weather was beautiful and not-too-cold. It started snowing big, amazing flakes while we were at the top of the Empire State Building. My first – and probably only – encounter with snow this year.

OK, OK, I’ll stop talking about New York now.

Back to the house and the kitchen question: open or closed?

I think what I like about the open design is that the kitchen looks instantly different and fresh. I’m a person who likes instant gratification – it’s the Veruca Salt in me coming out – and this way would get me to an end result faster. Open shelves would eliminate the hinge-changing difficulties for those cabinets, and I’d have less to paint.

But D hates the idea of open shelves. And there are the cons listed by helpful commenters – that open cabinets would let dust and grease get on the dishes and would require us to keep the contents of the cabinets organized and presentable.

Then commenter Mindy (from Fixer Upper) pointed out that open shelves can make a small kitchen look bigger. Most any room can benefit from looking bigger, right?

Another thing I’ve considered is cutting out the centers of the upper cabinets (within the new trim) and replacing the wood with something like chicken wire for a rustic look. That would give us the best of both worlds.

D says a jigsaw would be necessary for that job. In a quick scan of Home Depot’s selection, I found them as cheap as $40. But what’s the difference between the $200 one and the $40 one? Would the cheap-o be good enough to cut through our chintzy plywood cabinet doors?

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