This was an eventful week! Lots and lots of unpacking (all done by yours truly). We’re down to about 20-25 boxes, most of them containing the Fiestaware I haven’t figured out where to put yet.

We bought a dishwasher and microwave (both of which were conspicuously missing from the kitchen), though they haven’t arrived yet. D has washed dishes by hand so far … I refuse! I refuse!

Our satellite TV system was installed on Wednesday. Ten days is a long time to live without TV, though it was kinda fun “roughing it.” How was I supposed to plan our house without HGTV to inspire me?

This morning, D finally had a chance to install a phone line in the office, so I could set up my computer and DSL and upload all the many, many moving photos I took, including this one:

Mom and I went last Sunday to buy a new comforter, and Alistair promptly propped his regal self up amongst the pillows and took a long nap.

Guess we know who rules this house!

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