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The house has four bedrooms, two of which are original to the house. A third was added shortly after the original construction, and the Parkins added a fourth.

The master bedroom is one of the largest rooms in the house. It has a fireplace with original majolica tile, a transom window over the door, two added-in closets with storage up to the 10-foot ceilings, and an adjacent master bathroom with walk-in closet.

I bought a set of Eastlake bedroom furniture (bed, marble-topped dresser, marble-topped washstand) at an antique auction, so that will go in this room once we get it finished.

The front bedroom is one of only two areas in the house with unpainted woodwork. Mr. Parkins told us his mother stripped the paint in these areas, and it looks so fabulous I might continue her work in other rooms. This room also has the prettiest original fireplace tile (in my opinion) ... a warm rusty red. This is one of the two original bedrooms, and the closet appears to be original, too.

We made this the nursery, because it's conveniently adjacent to the master bedroom.

The third bedroom (our guest room) was added onto the house a long while back in its past. It has its own fireplace (the only one that doesn't have to share a chimney), a bay window and a built-in cabinet.
We replaced the light fixture in the guest bedroom with this restored 1910 chandelier from J.F. PeGan.

The fourth bedroom is the smallest. We believe it was probably a sleeping porch at one time that the Parkins enclosed.

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