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The house has two and a half bathrooms. Follow our bathroom saga.

The master bathroom is 12 x 7. When we moved in, it was divided into two rooms - a sink area and a tub-and-toilet area. The tub didn't have a shower, and there was '70s green carpet in the sink area. Maybe that was great in its day, but now we need an update. Then again, can you really call it an "update" when you're hoping to make the room look more like its age?

In Progress:

Clawfoot tub finished Halfway there, 2 My first Rejuvenation light fixture Glass bathroom shelves

We demolished the wall between the two parts of the room, removed a linen cabinet, bashed out the white tile on the walls and floor ... and the 3-inch-thick layer of concrete underneath. This revealed decent-condition painted wood floors. We found beadboard under the drywall, so the drywall came off, too. We also took out the old cabinet and rusted sink.

We repaired some holes and a rotted place behind the toilet in the wood floors and replaces some termitey pieces of beadboard. Then we scraped, puttied and sanded the floors and walls and painted them. Later, we did the same to the trim and door - should've done that at the same time as the rest ... not one of our finest moments.

My favorite project was a built-in shelving unit under the window to fill up a space where previous owners had moved the window higher in the wall. We also replaced the slanted part of the ceiling, installed new lighting and a mirror, and built a new walk-in (sort of) closet in the nook outside the bathroom.

We also paid actual plumbers to switch the toilet and tub plumbing to opposite sides in the room and add plumbing for the 1930s wall-hung sink.

The antique stuff we bought to finish out the room:

Check out more of our bathroom renovation photos on Flickr.

The second full bathroom is located between two of the bedrooms. It was updated/created in the late '60s, so it's tiny and tiled in peach. It has a toilet, cute wall-hung sink, standing shower and a closet with storage all the way up to the 10-foot ceiling, which is handy since neither of the two adjacent bedrooms are equipped with closets. We painted it yellow and accented with green and white. We have plans for a new light fixture over the sink one day, and the trim still needs painting.

The third bathroom is a spacious half bath with a toilet, sink and closet with double doors ... not too shabby if you disregard the '70s countertops and green carpet. This room is located where the butler's pantry may have been (between the kitchen and dining rooms).

In Progress:
The half bathroom painted "Green Peppercorn"
We quickly ditched the '70s curtains and carpet. We also took out the plywood to fix a cracked toilet that was leaking everywhere but realized we didn't have time to deal with the floor just then (we were in the midst of our master bathroom project) so put plywood back down and painted it for a temporary fix. Then we painted the walls "Green Peppercorn" and replaced the toilet with a magnificent low-flow Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height. Seriously - we love this toilet.

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