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The attic is one of my favorite spots in the house (except in the summer when it is deadly hot), and I always show it to visitors. The walk-in attic runs the full length and width of the house. A whole other family could live up here! About one-third of the attic has old heart pine flooring, and it has been somewhat lighted and insulated by previous owners. A staircase installed in the '20s or '30s leads to the attic door, which has a window in it. The cats are very curious about the attic because they aren't allowed up there.
The three brick chimneys are still intact, but they're capped on the outside. The fireplaces haven't been used in years, so we'll have to have a professional come out and check/repair them if we ever want to make them functional.

Around the entry door, a little half-room has been built from old beadboard, some unpainted.
We've found some interesting things in the attic. Darwin discovered original cedar roof shingles under an addition, and you can see the remnants of the old knob and tube wiring ... not to mention the fingerprints of previous owners or builders all over the roof boards on the addition.

Also, an old Victorian screen door (which we reinstalled on the front door), the top part of a fireplace mantel (we believe it's from the living room), two transom windows (which match the ones in the rest of the house, but we don't know where they came from), '80s newspapers, a 1920s golf club, a metal tool from a wood stove, and an attic fan that smoked when we turned it on (we quickly turned it back off!).
We may finish out part of the attic in the future, but for now we have more than enough space in the downstairs.

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