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Friday, February 02, 2007

Let's See if This Works

It appears the problem was with each individual post having no .html extension. Okay, I may have fixed it for future posts, though I'll have to fix the old ones individually ... or else they're impossible to fix.

Work, blog, work!

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Help - I Need Somebo-o-ody

I've heard from several readers that my blog has been acting up in Firefox. People have had trouble opening my posts on Houseblogs.net and commenting. I downloaded Firefox myself and checked it out - yes, this problem is terribly annoying, and I apologize! I wondered why my comments have slowed to a trickle recently, though I blamed it on my conversion to Blogger Beta last month.

I think the problem does have something to do with Blogger Beta and Yahoo (my site host) not cooperating fully. I've been trying to get some help from Yahoo on this, but my e-mails to their various help departments keep coming back undeliverable.

When I finally got through, I received a response detailing all the steps to correct problems with publishing via FTP from FrontPage. I don't use FrontPage and didn't mention FrontPage in my e-mail.


Why can't the help department just HELP me?

I'm hoping to resolve this in the near future. In the mean time, if you are having trouble with the site, try viewing it using Internet Explorer. I know that's a lot to ask considering most Firefox users are rabid haters of IE. If you simply cannot do that, I understand. Just please keep checking, and come on back when it gets fixed!

Here's what I wrote to Yahoo, in case any of you web geniuses out there see a magic solution:

I switched to the new version of Blogger a few weeks ago, and ever since I've been having trouble connecting via FTP with my Yahoo! domain, 1902victorian.com. (My blog goes to the address 1902victorian.com/diary.html) I get error messages such as:

"server: ftp.1902victorian.com, username: kissyplusr@1902victorian.com, reason: 530-Your FTP session could not be opened. 530-If you continue to have problems, please visit: 530- http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/webhosting/gftp/ 530"

and I think a 550 error message.

My ftp address, user name and password are all correct. Eventually, it will
publish more-or-less correctly.

But then I have a second problem. I've been told by several of my blog readers who are Firefox users that the site pops up this message when they try to comment or open individual pages/posts:

"You have chosen to open this-is-my-crude-drawing-of-bookshelf which is a: application/octet-stream from http://1902victorian.com. Would you like to save this file?"

Mozilla says this is a "misconfigured file server":

"Sometimes a misconfigured web server will send a file with an inappropriate
MIME type and, instead of the file automatically opening with the browser
plugin, an "Opening" dialog box will appear, asking you to either save the
file or open it with a chosen external application. This may happen with .wmv
(Windows Media Video) files sent as "text/plain" instead of the correct "video/x-ms-wmv" MIME type (see bug 250914, probably related to the fix for bug 220807, outlined
here). A Google Groups search shows that this can also occur when downloading .swf (Shockwave Flash) files and, most likely, other types of files for which a plugin is installed, when the inappropriate "text/plain" MIME type is sent. A similar issue can occur with the "application/octet-stream" MIME type [2]. (Note that the
MIME type of the file being downloaded will appear in the Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey "Opening" dialog box, but not in Firefox.) If the problem occurs
with some downloads of a particular type file but not others, it is likely
that the web server is misconfigured; unfortunately there is nothing you can
do in such cases except to contact the website about the problem.

Advanced users can use the Live HTTP Headers to detect the MIME type being

That sounds about right, hence this e-mail to you at Yahoo!

Can you tell me what's up with these problems? If it's something on my end,
please let me know so I can fix it. If it's something on yours, please fix it
for me.

In a search for application/octet-stream, I found a blog post saying your site's Content-type needs to match what it is (in this case text/html - not application/octet-stream), but then I checked my site, and it DOES say text/html.

The same post tells me application/octet-stream is an http specification that means "force a download."

So where's the application/octet-stream crap coming from?

Okay, I'm off now to seek out answers.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Express Yourself

How did I get on the mailing list for this catalog?

I don't have much need for a book titled Caramel Flava.