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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Wrinkle-free Timeline

In elementary school, I always loved the projects that required a timeline. I liked the long line drawn across two sheets of paper taped together, with vertical lines interrupting it at intervals, tiny writing in pencil, maybe a drawing of the Mayflower, a feather pen to symbolize the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln's top hat.

I liked seeing it all laid out. Everything made so much more sense in the context of what came before and after it.

I still feel that way. When I get deep in my genealogy research, the names and dates seem to boil inside my head, rolling around, up and under each other, until I can barely remember my own name. That is until I get some paper, tape it together, and try to plot things out with a good, old-fashioned pencil.

Or when I'm editing a complex or disorganized story at work, sometimes I just have to print it and spread it out around me on the desk.

So it's no wonder this bathroom project has me flummoxed. All the different projects are floating around in my brain, knocking into one another, sending each other astray. I need to lay it out. I need a timeline.

This weekend, we took the scenic route home from a family Christmas party (yes, already with the Christmas parties) and used the time to think and strategize.

This is what we came up with for completing the bathroom in a timely and organized fashion:

Weekend, Dec. 9-10:
Figure out where to put electrical outlets in bathroom wall and cut holes.

Neighbor E (for electrician) comes over and helps Darwin run new wiring to the bathroom for a closet light and two new outlets, and organize all three light switches into one switch plate.

Order faucet for bathroom sink and light fixture for over sink. Shrivel up and almost die of Overspending Disease.

Make a miraculous recovery and party the night away at Christmas Ball, where we will show off our new rumba skillz.

Weekend, Dec. 15-16:
Move plumbing vent pipe into corner of future closet.

Visit Neighbor K to use his woodworking tools to shave a little indention into the back of a replacement piece of beadboard, so it will fit against the stud.

Install two replacement pieces of beadboard (easy peasy once the indention is made).

Begin building little bookshelf under the window.

Begin working on patching nail holes, scraping loose paint, etc. on "rustic" beadboard walls. They are just full of character!

Holiday Weekend, Dec. 23-25:
Buy materials for upcoming projects - wood for trim, paint for walls and trim.

Stuff our faces with Christmas goodies.

Week, Dec. 26-29:
Darwin will be off work, and I may be able to take a day or two, too.

Install drywall to close up gaping hole to the attic, and re-create mini-slant in bathroom ceiling. Repair a couple spots of drywall damage on ceiling from when we removed the wall separating the two parts of the bathroom.

Finish building little bookshelf under the window.

Finish patching up beadboard walls.

Prime and paint ceiling.

Prime and paint the walls.

Prepaint and install baseboards, crown molding and corner molding to disguise the edges of the slanty drywall ceiling and where the beadboard meets all crookedy.

Weekend, Dec. 30-31:
Touch up paint on moldings, and paint bookshelf and door trim.

Paint second coat on the floor.

Install light fixture over sink.

Party the night away again and show off our rumba skillz some more. Spend next day recovering.

Weekend, Jan. 6-7:
Rearrange the bathroom plumbing, or hire someone to do it. Darwin knows how to solder copper pipe and says he can do the job, but we'll see. I'm not waiting until 2008 to use my clawfoot tub, people.

Install whatever bathroom fixtures have to be installed to get the plumbing to work - don't ask me, I'm not a plumber.

Weekend, Jan. 13-14:
Install sink, clawfoot tub and toilet if they haven't already been installed. The clawfoot tub with its maze of nickel-plated pipes will probably be an ordeal, so prepare for The First Screaming Match of 2007.

Hang vintage nickel-plated bathroom stuff like sponge holder and towel bar.

Take a bath in clawfoot tub, using yummy bath goods bought in Italy just for this occasion.

Rest of 2007:
Search for the perfect piece of furniture to place between the sink and toilet. It must have a mirror, drawers and room to slide a bench/chair underneath, so I can beautify myself in comfort and style.

Buy a heated towel rack.

Search for materials (maybe cast iron brackets?) to build shelves beside the sink in the same place where they originally were.

Buy rugs and towels and either buy or make curtains and maybe a purty shower curtain to cover the plain one.

Possibly replace overhead light fixture.

Begin work on walk-in closet and hopefully finish it sometime before we die.


See there, it's not so hard. If we buckle down and have some good work days, we can knock this sucker out in a little over a month! Of course, knowing how household projects go, I'll add a month onto this projection. By Valentine's Day, then.

On Valentine's Day, I will take a romantic soak in my clawfoot tub ... even if it's only with myself.

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amanda said...

We should have a race to see who can finish her bathroom first- I think that both of them are about at the same stage- our plumbing and electrical are done, but with me being preggo, that should handicap us sufficiently. Good luck with the plans!

4:13 PM  
Kristin said...

You're on!

10:10 AM  
Beth said...

That is one thought-out schedule! Our schedule's usually go like this:
This weekend -- grout, maybe. Oh, it's raining? Then watch Christmas movies.

11:27 AM  
Kristin said...

Beth, our schedules are usually like that, too. This schedule is an effort to give us some much-needed discipline. So far, so good!

3:44 PM  

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