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Monday, September 11, 2006

Baby Whale Gets a Makeover

With all the paint finally scraped off, the rust ground off, and the residue washed off, the mottled gray hide of the clawfoot tub reminds me of a baby whale. Awww, it's so cute and harmless now that all the hard work is done.

It has been a long saga to get to this point. In December 2004, we brought it home. It sat out in the workshop untouched - except for a few times when I went and sat in it to daydream ( Don't judge me!). Then we started the bathroom renovation, and when the demo neared completion, I realized that duh - we had to get the tub ready to go in there. In June 2006 we started scraping it. We did that a couple of different days in June, but then the Summer of Stagnation (hereafter referred to as SOS) set in, and we got exactly 0.0001% of our planned work done.

I've been perusing the archives, and this is the first weekend in three weeks that we've actually accomplished something, and the first time in TWO MONTHS that we've made progress on the bathroom. Yeah, we've had legitimate excuses, but still - yikes!

The long SOS makes our accomplishments this weekend feel like superhero stuff. We finished scraping the tub and worked on scraping the bed. Then Darwin used the handy-dandy wire brush attachment for the drill to get rid of a bit of rust on the unpainted side of the tub and some uneven paint scraps left under the rim. He washed the tub and blow-dried it with his leaf blower, which chased the water around and around the rim of the tub. Then we taped up the tub openings with brown paper.

Finally, the moment! We spray-painted the exterior of the tub with white Rustoleum clean metal primer. It looked so crisp and white and not covered with globs of crackled, peeling lead paint! Yes!

Then, of course, we ran out of spray primer. But that can't keep me down. We're at the easy part now.

So today - Lowe's. We need more spray primer, and I want to find a top coat that's not quite so bright white. I saw a color called Canvas (I think) online, but Darwin didn't see it at Lowe's when he bought the spray primer. If they don't have it, there's a Home Depot I can try, too.

Okay, without further ado - the photos:


The only damper on my joy is that I hoped to have the tub finished by its 75th birthday. I had it in my head the birthday was September 17, 1931, but then we flipped it over Saturday and saw that the date is September 7. Oops, just missed it. Sorry, baby whale. Consider this your belated birthday celebration.

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mindy said...

Wow - gorgeous. Love the light fixtures and choice of colors. Everything blends together beautifully. Great job!!

I think I'm with Northside on this one..... if you haven't finished the downstairs yet, you should consider living in your beautifully finished upstairs. I'd hate to see your hard work comprimised by a renter who's not super clean and/or careful. This'll also mean less noise for you - no shuffling feet noises ;) Though, it would mean you'd have to hold off on upgrades down there, and that might slow down your timeline!

3:18 PM  
mindy said...

Ooops - that was meant for Chicago 2 Flat. Browsing too many sites at once!

What I meant to say to YOU is that I think that little tub is gonna look great in your bathroom :) It cleaned up very nicely. Well worth the elbow grease, I think.

3:21 PM  
salberta said...

You do really nice work. WOW!!!!!!!!! the tub looks great I am impressed

1:05 PM  
Kristin said...

Thanks! Something weird happened with my site yesterday, and none of my posts would show up. I wonder if that only happened on my computer ...

1:52 PM  
lipstickface said...

WOOOOOOOWWW!!! Oh my taking baths in that whale is going to be heaven!

7:56 AM  

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