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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Window Not-So-Woes

Remember that problem with our master bathroom window? Welllll ... turns out that is the original window. When our friend Ken came over to help with the plumbing, I asked his advice on the window problem. Ken is so smart his mere presence makes us smarter - Darwin looked at two vertical cuts in the wood above the window and DING! the lightbulb came on. This wasn't a smaller replacement window - they moved the window UP in the space, leaving a gap below! Aha! It makes so much sense!

Also, when we took out the beadboard patch underneath the window, we found that the outside hole had long ago been patched with wood siding. So that eliminates my worry about when/if we take off the aluminum siding there being a big hole under the window to deal with.

Darwin, Ken and I brainstormed and decided to build a shallow built-in bookshelf there under the window instead of trying to patch the opening. The shelves, which will be right between the tub and toilet, will be perfect for holding excess bathroom stuff (my 10 scents of shower gel, for example) and "reading material," the menfolk add.

Anyway, I'm very relieved at this development. Thank goodness we figured it out before I bid on the antique window with privacy glass on eBay! It was very cool with original hardware, but I wasn't too sure about the privacy glass.

The bathroom window is shaded by a large fig tree and is in a private spot anyway, and I've already been daydreaming about relaxing in the tub while gazing out the window. Gazing at frosted glass? Still fun but not quite as fun.

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allison said...

Great idea for that window area. You can always use extra storage in a bathroom and it can look very natural. What a strange thing that happened with the windows, but at least you can make something good come out of it.

8:56 PM  

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