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Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Paint

The bathroom floor is officially painted. So I should be jumping for joy, right? Giddy with the heady feeling of accomplishment?

Okay, there's no twist - I am giddy! The color - a gray brown - is lighter than we expected, which is probably a good thing. But best of all, it's one uniform color, and it's smooth and shiny and wonderful!

We painted two coats of primer and one coat of paint so far. We're waiting on the final paint coats until after we finish some work on the drywall ceiling and beadboard walls. The drywall mud will fly, the ladders will scratch, etc.

I'm glad we went ahead and painted at least one coat of paint, though. Because seeing the color in the room ... now I'm not so sure about our planned wall color.

Now I'm debating sage green instead of off white, in spite of the cool name of the off white, "Treasure Map." I was already thinking about it when we went to our new favorite restaurant, Miss Melissa's in Moundville - a surprising gourmet restaurant in the middle of nowhere - and the back room where we sat was painted sage below the chairrail, off white above with a terra cotta chairrail. The color combo was so crisp yet earthy, and I fell absolutely in love with it.

So last night I blew the dust off the old Benjamin Moore Color Viewer program and tried some combos.

Here's the real thing:

My favorites by the mile are the green versions (I crudely drew in the future bookcase under the window). But I have some reservations about green.

1. Our kitchen is mostly green already. Is there a limit to how much green a person can tolerate, even if it is at the moment her almost-favorite color? (I hesitate to displace pink as my favorite, but in decorating how much can you do with pink?)

2. The room is kinda small, about 12 x 7. Is lighter better for the walls?

3. This is the room where I'll get ready in the morning. Green can make a person look depressingly sallow.

4. What if I get sick of green? With the clawfoot tub and our unfitted vanity, this won't be the easiest room to repaint.

And yet, I also have misgivings about off white.

1. It's off white. Nothing exciting about that, even if it is cleverly named to disguise it's boringness.

2. The tub will be white/off white. We're going to all this effort to fix up and install a clawfoot tub, and it's going to blend right into the wall.

3. I like color, darnit! I am known for my general opposition to off white, and I'm already having to succumb to the off white for the kitchen walls (where at least I have the pleasure of colorful cabinets).

You know what? I think I just talked myself into the green. What do you think?

While you're thinking, some gratuitous cat pics:

Henry has a love/hate relationship with holes in the floor. He fears them, but his curiousity is too great, and he can't resist.

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Tackert Victorian Home Restoration said...

Hi Kristen.
I love your floors, and I think green is a nice color for a bathroom. They say to choose peaceful colors for a bathroom, and green can be associated with nature and calmness, so there you go!

12:04 PM  
Di said...

I agree that the green would look nice. Obviously make sure it's light enough not to close the room in, but with light colored fixtures to break it up, I don't think it would look too small.

BTW, the floor looks great!

12:19 PM  
Lillian said...

What about off-white with a stencilled border? That would put in green and other colors so it would have some variation. Of course it would take more work so maybe that's not such a great idea. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will look good. You do quality work.

12:44 PM  
mindy said...

If you're feeling green, I say go green! We have a mossy-green bathroom downstairs and so far (1.5 years later) I still like it. Though I have to admit, most of the bathrooms I've been cutting out of magazines (we're redoing both someday) are variations on the all-white theme....

The color you're looking at is toned down enough that it shouldn't overwhelm you or make the place feel cramped. You could do lots of off-white accessories (shower curtain, towels, window curtain, etc.) to break things up.

Love that window, by the way. Can't wait to see the shelves go in!


3:53 PM  
JLynnette said...

I say go green.

I'm not partial or anything since I just painted my bathroom green and white. It's gorgeous!

8:08 PM  
Maggie said...

i would say green. green is good! love your blog.

7:29 PM  
allison said...

I understand your thoughts about green, as I am hooked on sage myself. I have one friend who keeps complaining that I do too much with sage, but it looks good, so why not? Maybe you can do a lighter shade to add some variation or, as others have suggested, do a border in green with an off white. In the end, do what you like and don’t worry about it!

9:04 PM  

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