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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Our burst of work on the bathroom project this weekend motivated me to finally order our shower enclosure and other plumbing goodies from Vintage Tub and Bath.

We got the Strom Plumbing faucet and shower enclosure with English telephone hand shower, plus Strom plumbing supply lines with cut-off valves, and a Strom plumbing drain with a rubber stopper on a chain.

All are finished in polished nickel because I've bought some old nickel-plated bathroom accessories from eBay. The towel bar even exactly matches the holes/paint circles in the beadboard from where the old towel bar was. Of course, our tub and towel bar will go all the way on the other side of the room from there, but it feels serendipitous anyway.

Plus, the polished nickel is one of the cheaper options. Hurray for cheaper!

I also went ahead and ordered one of those jumbo 180 by 70-inch shower curtains designed for a clawfoot tub and some of those adorable roller ball shower curtain rings. What can I say? Once I start buying, I can't seem to stop.

Anyway, the stuff is coming from two different places. The smaller stuff is coming from Pennsylvania and is supposed to be here in a couple of days. The shower enclosure is coming from California and won't be here for two weeks or so. I hope it gets here by 4th of July, when Darwin has a week off work. That would be the perfect time to get the plumbing done in the bathroom.

Before he does that, though, the wood floor needs some repair. There are a few holes from the two previous bathtub locations, but the worst spot is around the former toilet.

That's where the tub will go. First, Darwin has to move the plumbing for the toilet to the opposite side of the room. Then we have to replace the damaged wood, possibly with boards from the attic floor, possibly with new.

It will be in the corner, mostly hidden under the clawfoot tub. We don't want it to look crazy, but I hate to waste old wood on a spot that won't be seen. Since we're repainting the wood floor, we wouldn't have to worry about color matching.

Also, there are other spots in the floor that need patching, most notably the 4 by 12-inch or so hole where the old tub drain ran. And I think there are a couple of old patch jobs, too.

This room has been transformed many times, and the whole thing is a patchwork of change overlapping change. It will never be perfect, it has a few scars, but that's okay with me. If I wanted a brand new perfect house, I'd buy a McMansion (or in our case, a McShack).

I seem to recall a pre-teen game of Masch predicting I would live in a cottage, marry Jonathan Brandis (R.I.P.), drive a skateboard, and have 15 kids. Hey, one out of four ain't bad.

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Leah said...

I love those rollerball shower curtain rings. They rock.

1:09 PM  
alan said...

Use 3/4'' plywood for your floor. All those cast iron and heavy porcelin fixtures will be very happy.

6:57 PM  
allison said...

Enjoy that old claw foot tub – they add so much character to a house. We had one in our last house and one of our cats loved to walk around the edge between the shower curtain and liner every so delicately while the shower was on. She wouldn't go near the inside of the tub, of course, but she loved walking around it! Looks like a fun transformation!

10:19 AM  
mindy said...

We got a similar shower set for our sometime-to-be-remodeled downstairs bathroom. We're going to use it as a shower since a clawfoot tub wont' fit down there. Saw this in a magazine somewhere, hope it works out as we plan!

The Strom stuff is great though, isn't it?

I too had a crush on Jonathan Brandis, after I watched Ladybugs about eighty times. Must be I have a thing for men in drag?

9:21 AM  

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