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Friday, June 23, 2006

Marvelous Marble

I realized the other night that I am messy in the bathroom. No, not in the gross way - I'm saving that realization for another day. I mean I splash water everywhere around the sink when I'm washing my face.

How does one avoid this anyway? I bring the water up to my face, it runs down my arm and drips off my elbow onto the counter. Inevitable unless you have a sink the size of Nebraska.

So that got me thinking about our plans for the master bathroom sink/vanity. It would have a wood countertop, since the sink would be in a piece of wood furniture. Hmmm. Maybe not the best idea for an area I will definitely be splashing water all over on a regular basis.

I recently got a book called Victorian Kitchens and Baths. I haven't read it yet, but I've browsed through the many large, wonderful photos about a million times. So I recalled some pictures of sinks in marble-top washstands. And hey, I like these:

The reason we didn't originally go with a marble-top washstand (opting for a plain, beat-up wood-top one instead) was that I couldn't bear the thought of cutting into a perfectly good slab of marble on a perfectly good piece of furniture. But maybe that's a little silly. People sell marble slabs just for this purpose, and is old marble really that different from new marble?

Eh, I don't know. Anyway, my new plan is to keep an eye out for a plain, beat-up marble-top washstand at the next auction. I already have one, but it's part of a matching bedroom set. These types of washstands are pretty common at the Moundville auctions we frequent, so it shouldn't be hard to find.

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Anonymous said...

Hey...don't know how often you see this in your area but a lot of times you can find the marble piece with the sink already installed at auctions/sales/etc. Then all you would have to do is buy a washstand that you like and just pop the existing top and put your ready made top on. I live in Central Illinois and it is not uncommon to find the marble/sink combo--I have one in my garage waiting to find a washstand to love.

4:26 PM  
Greg said...

Another option is to use sink brackets. Back in the 19th century when marble top bathroom vanities with their under mount sinks were all the rage, they were often times supported my fancy cast iron sink brackets. I used a pair of those sink brackets to support the cantilevered portion of my kitchen island. You can find them on EBay all the time. Some are really nice cast brass Eastlake style {drool}. The only problem is that you see the plumbing underneath, but if it’s done nice it looks great. My original marble corner sink in my bathroom has a bead board skirt in front so you don’t see the plumbing.

4:35 PM  
halloweenlover said...

I love it!

I will tell you, though, that my MIL has a wooden vanity and it is fine, even with all the splashing. We just wipe it with a washcloth after we brush our teeth and wash our faces. It is a distressed look, so it works. Although I do love the marble!!! Either would be fabulous.

11:23 PM  
merideth said...

try your local salvage yard too. we always see sizeable slabs of marble and granite at the salvage yard either pulled off of built-ins from houses or leftover from kitchen remodels

8:10 PM  

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