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Thursday, May 11, 2006

House Movers Anonymous

I'm back from a few days at the glorious beach. Oh wait, not so glorious when I had to waste one entire day staying close to the bathroom for PukeFest 2006, which led to watching Passions because the TV remote was broken. Here's a tip from me to you: Never watch Passions. Ever.

On my first day back, Darwin came in from work super excited about something. He told me to grab my camera and dragged me out of the house, into the truck and down the street (okay, that last part was less drag and more drive).

Here it is:

A house is being moved from Wilson Ave. It's a cute little one-story Victorian with a nice purple color scheme. I've always admired it. I wonder who owns it, if ownership has changed hands, if it was up for sale why wasn't I notified, are they planning to re-use those bricks and if not can I have them, and where is it going?

From the piles of bricks lying around, looks like they demolished the foundation (probably brick piers). The house is propped up underneath with (among other, more sturdy things) what looks to be wooden pallets.

Whoever is moving this house, I should track them down and direct them to The Devil Queen for mucho good advice on house-moving and the subsequent renovation. Also, I should direct myself to a local insane asylum because I SO want to buy and renovate this with this yard. I guess there are some benefits to having a yard that converts to a swimming hole whenever it rains.



Patricia W said...

Oooooh. That is a pretty little purple house!

6:49 PM  
Patrick said...

It must be an extreme sickness, but I, too, have thought about purchasing some derelict of a house--even though ours isn't even habitable yet...Usually I come to my senses when I walk through our doors.

7:04 PM  
John said...

I hope those people have a lot of money and know what they are getting into. On the upside, maybe they won't have to cut in half. God have mercy on their souls. . .

My wife and I are just as bad about other houses. If we had deeper pockets, we'd probably own ever rundown rat-hole we could find.

What is even worse is that we're already planning what house projects were going to tackle after we "finish" the Devil Queen. So far we're looking for a cheap house we can fix & rent (in Morrilton, AR) and building a new "old" house. After that? Maybe a bed and breakfast in Savannah, Georgia.

God help us.

What can I say, we're hopeless house whores.

4:50 PM  
mindy said...

Too cool! That is a very cute house.

The house I grew up in was pulled by horses about 4 blocks to it's "new" location in the early 1900's. It was butted right up against another house - back to back, essentially. We actually had pictures of it making it's journey across a big field.

The reason our house was moved, according to local legend, was so that the kids would have a shorter walk to school! Two brothers owned the houses, so they didn't mind being extra close.

The result was odd looking because the houses were VERY different styles. Most people thought both houses were ours, and that we lived in some type of cobbled-together mansion ;)

3:35 PM  

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