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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Guerilla Antiquing

If my mom had a super power, it would be bargain sniffing. She jokes that she grew up in the Depression (she's actually a baby boomer) because she's a bit of a cheapskate and hates to throw anything away.

Though it perturbed me in high school when she bought me a generic brand of the must-have Gap denim shirt with pearlized snap buttons, I now appreciate the bargain-hunting skills she taught me.

Said skills are what led me to my brilliant master plan to get bargain antiques.

This weekend is the infamous Hwy. 11 Antique Alley Trade Days in Eutaw, held on the courthouse square. If you recall, I got quite a haul there last year. (If you don't recall, check out my loot here).

I don't often feel lucky when I get sick, but last year it worked in my favor. I was out of work sick that Thursday, the first day of the four-day Antique Alley event. When I felt better in the afternoon, I descended upon the square with checkbook in hand and beat all the poor Saturday saps to the best bargains.

So this year I'm planning another coup. I've taken off work tomorrow and Friday with the express purpose of scooping up antiques and spending all my hard-earned eBay-selling money (what change is leftover after all the shoes I've bought this spring).

My second in command/medic will be my long-lost friend Kristen L., who may be returning to our fair city soon for a new job in nursing.

I hope to post soon with news of my victory. Fingers crossed, people!

P.S. I accept donations to the cause in the form of ad-clicking! ;-)



Beth said...


Best of luck!

2:23 PM  
mindy said...

Oooh, color me jealous. Good luck - and be sure to share pics of your good buys!

4:08 PM  
Lenise said...

What Mindy said. Hee hee, my little sis's name is Mindy =]

7:25 PM  
the orchidophile said...

Found you through Casa Decrepit. You mentioned Eutaw and I had to follow the link. Yep, you're in Alabama! So am I!

Nice blog! Good luck with your plans!

9:16 PM  
merideth said...

dude...there is nothing NOTHING like getting a freakin awesome deal on something. Not only do you get something awesome, but you also generally get a great story about how you found the bargain. A fantastic find makes you feel awesome! And have you seen my chairs?!!! ;)

2:57 PM  

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