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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tudor or Not Tudor

Before we found our house, I fantasized about owning one of the Tudor quasi-mansions in downtown T-town, or in The Highlands, probably the most expensive-per-square-foot neighborhood in Tuscaloosa.

I did lots of calculations, trying to figure how much we'd have to save and how much we'd have to make per year before we could afford one of those. The calculations always came up to the equivalent of "We can afford it after we are dead." Somehow, that didn't strike us as an ideal option.

But I can still admire them (and envy the salaries of the folks who live in them):

And around the University of Alabama, there are several of these type apartment buildings:

I wish I'd thought to live in one of them. But after two years in the 1920s-era dorm with the leaky walls and cloggy showers and no sinks in the bathroom, I was ready to live in a 20th-century construction for a while.

Thank goodness I'm over that phase.


Shauna said...

There are some really nice homes around your area, but yours is pretty cool too, and is getting better all the time! Just remember that those more salaried people still have to heat them and pay taxes!
Have you noticed how often the larger homes go up for sale? They certainly do around here -- I've seen a couple of the prominent Victorians in my town sell twice in the four and a half years I've been here. That probably says something. I sometimes think certain people buy far more than they can afford (and for all the wrong reasons), then have to deal with the time and costs of upkeep until they realize it's an albatross around their neck.
It's sure nice to admire and dream, though. Someday, I'll go into the big city and take some shots of my favourite neighbourhood to show on Houseblogs -- it's an area of Toronto called Wychwood Park.

10:17 PM  

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