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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Front Porch Therapy

One of the projects we undertook this weekend happened on a whim. We had been crawling around under the house looking at plumbing and foundation issues (more to come on that later this week) when Darwin found a piece of old rope and decided to do something about the hammock.

I bought the hammock at the beach about this time last year. Heavy-duty hooks were already present on the porch, but the hammock was a little too short. It could hang from the hooks, but it hung so high and straight no person in his/her right mind would attempt to get in it.

Since that time, the hammock has hung folded from one hook, slapping against the wall during the occasional storm.

But no longer! Darwin put his Boy Scout knot-tying skills to good use and tied the rope at one end to make the hammock longer.

Then he tried getting in it, which didn't go so well at first.

But soon he righted himself and had a nice rest, dirty crawlspace knees and all.

Then it was my turn.

What a lovely feeling! Gently swaying in the hammock with nothing to do or think about, nothing to see but trees, birds ... and what's that? Spiderwebs and all kinds of filth under the porch!

So I got up and swept the porch ceiling, walls and floor, something we've never actually done because we've never spent enough time on the front porch to notice how gross it was.

Lest you think I'm brave and industrious, Darwin says the cats went and hid in the back bedroom because of my shrieks when bugs fell or almost fell on me. No telling what the neighbors thought (they spent half the day sitting out on their porch watching us).

Meanwhile, Darwin trimmed the bushes and disposed of vines in the front beds.

The result: our front porch is a much more appetizing place to spend time. Last night I spent some time relaxing in the hammock, feeling very pleased with myself and the world.

Yet the porch therapy is not complete. The floor boards at the top of the steps - the place that gets the most foot traffic and weather - are still in disrepair. I feel like a bad house mama whenever I look at them. It's like I'm letting my house run around in a dirty diaper ... for a year.

So I hope to get those fixed this year. At the very least I want to get them sanded and painted to protect them from further damage until we can do a more serious fix.

This picture was taken last spring, when I said the same thing about fixing them during warm weather.

They're worse now, and I think I'm scared into doing something about it.



Lenise said...

We finally did something about ours- it was so buckled on the far end of the porch, we probably could have taken one of the boards out and nailed everything back down. Unfortunately, my husband hired somebody to replace all the old tongue-and-groove boards with pressure-treated wood planks. It's all modern-looking now. I know you will not follow our lame example!

7:13 PM  
Derek C said...

Don't beat yourself up over some scruffy boards! They'll be there when you're ready to deal with them. For now, enjoy the weather and the space. My porch was a total rip and redo and I did 3 inch t&G Doug Fir because there was no way I was going to have a pressure treated porch on an old home. Visit my blog and see.

12:03 AM  
Lenise said...

Good thing I'm 5/6ths of the way through a white Russian. Otherwise, I might have taken offense. The last one (weeks ago, not an hour ago- ahem!) didn't do nearly this much to me....

9:08 PM  
Kristin said...

Nothing hurts as much when alcohol is involved. ;)

9:51 AM  

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