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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Pretty Ones Always Win

I have a confession to make: I am an uglyist. It's hard to admit, but it's true. I discriminate against ugly holly bushes and ugly crape myrtles, ugly magnolia trees and ugly curtains made from bedsheets.

In fact, I did all that discriminating in one week!

This weekend we spent most of our time outdoors, enjoying the wonderful sunshine ... especially since the house still felt like a dark refrigerator ("Cherry is trapped in the refrigerator!" ... anybody know who said that? Here's a hint: I'm wearing an I Love the '80s shirt today.).

Last spring, we started our Clean Sweep method of gardening. We worked on it on and off throughout the warm months, tearing out a lot and planting a little, and getting very dirty in the process.

Still, we were never quite satisfied with the yard by the time fall rolled around.

Last week, Darwin's dad brought his 4-wheel-drive truck down and helped Darwin tear out some more sad, pathetic and - you guessed it - ugly holly bushes. When we moved in, we had more holly bushes than blades of grass. And which ones did I pinpoint for destruction? Yep, the ugly ones.

We also have an abundance of crape/crepe myrtles. Two stumpy, half-dead ones in the backyard and several enormous, shapely ones on the right side of the house. Guess which ones got the chain saw treatment? I admit it was the ugly ones.

Finally, we went all crazy on the left magnolia tree/grove in the front yard. We've had plans for this tree since day one. It's stupid branches block our house from view. The right tree is actually even more huge and overgrown, but it provides shade and privacy from the road for the wrap-around porch. Plus, yeah ... it's just prettier.

So we chopped down the left tree's two 20-year-old satellite trees, leaving only the big, main trunk and all its many branches. From the front, the tree itself doesn't look that different, only a little thinner and less house-blocking. From the back, it's a tad gappy. But who sees the back except us anyway, right?

Now the trimmed tree looks so nice that I'm trying to think of a way to prune the right tree without ruining its lovely shape.




Last but not least, we tore down the last two curtains in our bedroom. Yes, I said tore ... the "curtains" were actually strips of severely discolored bedsheets STAPLED to the windows.

I replaced them with some lovely pale yellow Anthropologie curtains I got from eBay. I intended to straighten up (read: stuff everything in closets) so I could take a decent photo of the room with the new curtains, but that didn't happen. I'll save the gratuitous bedroom pic for after I put on the new summer bedspread.



halloweenlover said...

I'm not going to comment on the fact that you are gardening and it is still freezing here in Boston. I won't comment.

But the house looks great! Be sure to post pics of the bedroom!

7:48 PM  
Greg said...

I have killed about 20 holly bushes in my yard. Most were small saplings that came from the 3 big ones in the yard. They are thugs. I have one big one left to get rid of and it will be going this spring.

8:35 PM  
mindy said...

That's only the most memorable Punky Brewster episode of all times. I'm still traumatized by it! They created an entire generation of children (well, girls, at least) who will NEVER, EVER crawl into a refrigerator.

She was one of my childhood heroes. Her and Pippi!

8:17 PM  
Beth said...

Ah yes...the Cherry in the refrigerator episode. Sigh.

When Merideth and I were visiting Memphis recently, I kept commenting on how much I loved all of the holly bushes. She kept scornfully looking at them, and forbid them in our yard.

I now understand why.

11:42 AM  

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