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Friday, March 17, 2006

Pity the 1/32nd Irish

All week I've been reminding myself about St. Patrick's Day. It's one of my favorite holidays, and I was afraid I'd forget to celebrate with the wearing o' the green.

So apparently, I psyched myself up for it so much that I jumped the gun. I'm 1/32nd Irish (my great-great-great-grandfather Thomas Hurley was from Ireland), but I guess the other 31/32nds of my genetic makeup won out.

Yesterday I woke up completely convinced that it was Friday, March 17. I decked myself out in St. Patty's gear - shamrock-covered tank top, dangly shamrock earrings, even green eyeshadow. Plus, blue jeans because duh, it was casual Friday!

I left for work, happily thinking about my distant Irish heritage. I had a package to put in the mailbox, so I stopped at the end of the driveway. I saw our and our neighbor's garbage cans at the road and wondered why they were still there on a Friday (garbage day is Thursday). Still didn't make the connection.

Then as I was picking my way across the yard in my heels, a truck passed by on the road. I thought about the men in the truck seeing me in my St. Patty's gear, and for some reason, a wave of embarrasment washed over me. Why? I tried to shake it off. Then suddenly it hit me! OH LORDY IT's THURSDAY!

Even then, I had to think hard to make sure it really was Thursday. I thought back to what I'd done and worn the days before (what I wear is always the way I keep track of days, weird I know).

I went back in the house and changed into something non-shamrock-related, then called my boss on the way to work and told him the pathetic story why I would be late. He didn't find it as funny as I did ... he wasn't mad; he probably just thinks I'm very lame.

So today, on actual St. Patrick's Day, I can't muster the same enthusiasm for "Danny Boy" and leprechauns. I put away the shamrock-covered tank top and went to a simpler green polo. I still have the shamrock earrings and the green eyeshadow, though.

What I wanna know is where's the green beer when you need it?



John said...

I had to laugh even if your boss wouldn't.

This is the kind of thing my wife is always doing. She something like 1/2 Irish, so I'm not sure that it has anything to do with your ancestory.

11:42 AM  
Shauna said...

That is too funny!

I get the Irish from both sides of my family...and then I went and married a Scotsman (heritage-wise).

Tonight we're going to meet up at our neighbourhood pub after work and try to get along for awhile (up the Irish, down the Scotch!).
You should make a point of telling your boss it's a good thing for him that St. Paddy's day fell on a Friday, or you could have been really late 2 days in a row....

11:54 AM  

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