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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm Still Talking About the Bathroom

We had another stand-around-and-discuss session in the bathroom this weekend. We decided to move the washstand in there so we could get a better idea of how everything would fit in the space.

I also brought in a platter from the kitchen to simulate the vessel sink.

Here is Darwin pretending to wash his hands in said simulated sink, with the washstand positioned by the (future) closet door:

I tried to get him to dress all in white and lie on the floor pretending to be a bathtub, but he wasn't into that. Guess we'll all have to stretch our imaginations a little further.

Here's the washstand by the window and Darwin demonstrating some possible mirror options:

We originally planned to take the towel bar off the back of the washstand and install a medicine cabinet in/on the wall. But then at an auction on the 19th, we saw a similar washstand that had a towel bar with a mirror over it. Hmmm. Do we really need a medicine cabinet? One possiblity is to install a little cabinet over the toilet instead. Maybe one of the vintage medicine cabinets I've seen that have a glass door instead of a mirror.

All our experiments did help us see what the bathroom could look like (and confirmed our decision to leave the beadboard intact), but we're still wavering on where to put the washstand. It looked good both places! Arggh. I wish cast iron bathtubs were easier to move around, so we could experiment with that, too.

All I can do is appeal to you once again, bloggie darlings. Do you think a bathtub/shower would look stupid where the washstand is, with the plumbing end against the window wall? Or do you think both positions suck and we should move the washstand/sink to the opposite wall of where it is in the pics, next to the toilet, and put the tub and a vanity table side by side on the other wall? Did that even make sense? Am I still speaking English?

We need to make a decision about this bathroom before my brain liquefies and oozes out my ears.

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Jenne said...

Darwin is such a good sport :)
Hey, have you seen those dressers, like your wash stand...but instead of where you have your towel bar on it, it has a big pivoted mirror? That attaches to those arms on both sides.
I wonder if you could find a mirror and rig it up like those old dressers...
like this one kinda..
see how the mirror is on pivots? And those metal things stick out on the sides?

And you could buy this for Darwin to make him feel special

This washstand has arms that go up with a little mirror in between also.

11:59 AM  
Craig Spangler said...

It's the layout and design stuff that drivers me crazy too. The thing that works for us is to either follow your 1st idea (instinct) or just walk away from it for a couple of days. This lets me clear my head.

Either way you will know when you have right.

12:24 PM  
Chris said...

your bathrrom looks just like the ones we have in our house, beadboard and all. Unfortunately ours was all in such bad shape we couldn't salvage it.

We have our tubs up on dollies right now. Very easy to move around ;-)

8:59 PM  
Jennifer said...

I like it best by the window, to let in a lot of natural light. But that's just my opinion. :) It looks nice, though--I can see how nice it will look when you're finished!

8:27 AM  

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