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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Washstand is Insecure About his Size

Okay, it's harder to find a sink to fit the washstand than I thought. The top of the washstand is barely 17 inches deep. The narrowest reasonable sinks I found were 12 7/8 inches, undermounted. Then you have to include at least 2 inches for the faucet and handles.

That only leaves about maybe 1.5 inches of counterspace to be divided between the front and the back of the sink. Is that enough? I don't want the sink looking crowded or forced into the space, and we need room to actually turn the handles.

One thing I considered was the wall-mounted faucets intended for vessel sinks. See examples here. If you had a long enough faucet (like this one), would it be possible to use a wall-mounted faucet with an undermount or drop-in sink?

Also, is a 17.5 x 13-inch sink (like this one) or 16.75 x 13-inch sink (like this one) big enough? It will be used for tooth-brushing, shaving, and hand-washing.


Saple said...

What would the final height be once you have put in a vessel sink. If it is too high it would be uncomfortable to use and the faucets would be to high....

I like the idea of the vessel sink. It would leave you with a lot more countertop and if you mounted the mirror on the wall you could have holes drilled out in it and have the faucets come out of the mirror...

11:49 AM  
heather said...

Kristen I think the idea of a wall mounted faucet is a great idea. I also agree with Saple on a vessel sink. I think you might be pushing your luck trying to do a drop in or under mount sink if you have less than 2 inches of clearance. If the wood gets wet and you don't have a solid coupld of inches you might run the risk of having it get weak and eventually break.

Since your home is Victorian why not look for a cool pitcher & wash basin reproduction. You could have the bottom of the basin drilled out for a drain hole and mount it on the top of the dresser...then just put the pitcher off to the side and fill it with flowers.

Just an idea! :)

12:04 PM  
Gary said...

Do what we did with our chest of drawers. Pry the top off and make a new one the size you need it to be. We used concrete but you could use whatever you want. You can set the washstand 4 or more inches from the wall and use some old lumber to fill the gap at the sides. This would allow you to do a build-out to run plumbing behind if you choose wall mount faucets. If you search my archives for August or September, I'm sure I posted a picture of the counter I built using the chest as a base.

12:21 PM  
Kristin said...

I don't love vessel sinks. Well, I like the look of them but worry about the practicality. We originally planned to put marble on top of the dresser - I suppose that could still work and make it a little larger than the current top.

Look at this huge vanity thing on eBay.

2:10 PM  
Chris said...

I think Gary has the best idea, to fabricate a new top.

7:17 AM  
Beth said...

Agreed. Gary wins.

1:21 PM  

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