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Friday, February 10, 2006


Arrrrgggh. I did our taxes yesterday, and we have to pay nearly $2,000! How did this happen? We've had to pay the last two years, but I thought we had everything straightened out this year. *sigh* I'm still desperately searching for some deduction I'm missing. I was hoping to at least break even this year, maybe even get a little back. It really pains me to think what that $2,000 could do around Casa 1902.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! We'll be doing our taxes this weekend--the first time as homeowners. Now I'm afraid! Perhaps we ought to figure that out before we spend the cash on the final kitchen installment...

I sure feel for you though!


11:59 AM  
derek said...

I made a mistake on my taxes last year, got money back, spent it, then the government asked for it back, $1500. This year I may go to an accountant, although I don't see whey I should have to, since I have really simple taxes. I used tax software, so I thought I couldn't make a mistake. Better luck this time I hope.

12:04 PM  
John said...

I hate doing taxes.

When we were first married I did them myself. Big mistake. I missed deductions and paid through the nose for them. Three years ago, we got an accountant. It was of the best decissions we're ever made. And, their fee can be written off.

Unless you have a passion for numbers and tax code, I'd recommend that you do the same. Life is too short.

12:19 PM  
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1:38 PM  
Sheila said...

Oh man I feel for the both of you. I haven't done our taxes either. Since we have no kids we *always* have to pay. I hate the IRS.

8:36 PM  
Trissa said...

Yeah- Nick wanted to get a table saw until we did our taxes and figured out how much we owe. We're definitely increasing our witholdings this year!

8:44 PM  
mindy said...

Ick, sorry to hear that you owe. Am I in for a big surprise this year? I usually get money back - I claim zero though, cause I like getting the big check even though I know this isn't the smartest money management decision.

I thought we'd make out well this year since interest on mortgage payments and real estate taxes are deductible......hmmmmm.......

I used TurboTax software last year for my state and federal returns, and was very pleased with it - it's super simple, even when you're itemizing. I used to go to H&R Block, but they use the same type of software so I figured why bother paying someone when I could do it in the comfort of my own home.

This year, because of Teague's business, we're preparing our returns using the software and having an accountant go over them afterwards (better safe than sorry). I gotta get on that to make sure we don't owe!

7:22 PM  

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