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Friday, January 06, 2006

Vote for Me for Cheeto Queen

One of the main drags about living on the main drag of Eutaw is the trash. We often find plastic grocery bags stuck in our bushes or potato chip bags in the leaves under our magnolias.

I am not a littering person and never have been. In 11th grade, one of the most popular girls in school took me under her wing. If I'd stuck with her, maybe I could've joined the upper echelons of high school and become Homecoming queen and dated football players, like in every teen makeover story that ever was.

But the first time I went out with her and her friends, they got dinner at a fast food place and then threw all the trash out the window. They didn't give it a second thought; they didn't debate what to do with it first. Chunking it all out the window was their first and only reaction.

I couldn't be their friend after that. Okay, there were other reasons, too. But the moment the wadded paper bag flew out the window, I knew they were not my kind of people.

So what kind of people throw out trash on someone's lawn? I can see a little more how people distance themselves from the harm they're doing when littering on the Interstate or deep in the country. It's unsightly and makes the whole city/state look bad, but it seems to affront no individual person.

But how can they justify depositing paper cups and food wrappers on my lawn? And why is it always Cheetos? There is no justifying it or explaining it. It's plain inconsiderate.

I will say it right now - those people suck. I will never hang out with those people, not even if they offer to set me up with the quarterback.


HomeImprovementNinja said...

You think that's bad? Pull up a chair.

I my neighborhood, which is being gentrified, a lot of people gut their houses and then hire the cheapest person they can find who will haul it off. Sometimes these cheapos cut corners by not paying to drop it off at the dump (which charges by weight). Instead, they will dump it in someone else's alley in the middle of the night. It's happened a couple of times at the ninja fortress and I had a run in with my crazy neighbor about it recently. I'll post some pics about it next week on my blog.

3:08 PM  
derek said...

Living on a main street near a corner store or fast food restaurants is bad for litter. I live on a main street, so sometimes we get trash, it's not so bad though. Lots of cigarette butts and packaging.I can't imagine having trash dumped in the alley. Is it then your responsibility?

3:35 PM  
Patricia W said...

It never fails. In Texas, after a couple good spring hail (hell) storms, roofs are replaced. The roofers build the most rickety, awful looking trailers to load the torn off shingles on to. These trailers, with blown tires, splayed axles, and bulging sides are deposited on the side of every highway from Dallas to Fort Worth. Left for our taxes to clean up!

In Jackson, MI I haven't noticed the litter problem as there was in Arlington, TX. Of course we are much much smaller, but even so we have bottle and can laws that keep some of the crap off the roads. Also, I honestly don't see the wreckless littering I saw in Texas. Oh yeah, at a stoplight I once saw a man dump his ashtray full of butts and wrappers on the road as casually as he might have spit (which I hate too).

How do these people do it?

3:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

We have that same problem. We live on the corner across the street from a city park, in a fairly urban neighborhood. We always have trash around the perimeter of our fence. It'd be in the yard if we didn't have the fence, I'm sure, though occasionally someone will toss a cup over the 6' fence. I've never understood the litterbug mentality.


3:51 PM  
amanda said...

While waiting on my carpool one morning last spring, I noticed a woman walking down my street, towards my house. At every house, she hawked a big ol' wad of spit, and the spit it an impressive distance, separately into each and every one of my neighbor's yards. I have a large flowerbed planted next to the street, and sure enough, she saved a really big one for me. I jumped off my porch rocker (I don't think that she saw me until then) ran into the yard and told her how vile and disgusting she was to do that IN MY FLOWERS! I'm sure that she started checking porches before continuing her vile habit after that. So, no problems with trash, just with spit.

4:14 PM  
Jordana said...

My neighbor on the corner gets the worst of the trash, but we find so much litter. When we go for walks in our neighborhood we always take a trash bag and pick up a bunch of stuff. Blech. The weirdest though was one time when I looked up into one of our dogwoods near the sidewalk and discovered that someone had chucked half of a biscuit into its branches.

I've also seen people walk down the street and pick flowers out of other people's yards. Which I also don't understand -- though not as bad as a neighbor a few streets from me who had a tree dug out of their yard and stolen.

4:27 PM  
Patrick said...

We live downtown too...and trash/dog poop is still a problem--but not what it once was...

A number of us rebble rousers kept showing up at City Council meetings and suggested more trash cans and dispensers with platic bags for people to pick up their dog's mess (I have a dog too, so its not like I hate dogs). We had to keep overcoming objections of "cost" by showing the economic positive impact of having a clean downtown (especially to business owners)....

While, there is still trash and ocassional poop, it has gotten much better when it is convienent to throw the stuff out.

I say become a rebble rouser...who knows it may start your "political career" and one day we'll be adressing you as "Madam President!" (Just don't forget us small people)

5:23 PM  
Greg said...

This really struck a cord with me. There is nothing worse…well, ok there are worse things, but I’ll say there is nothing easier to avoid than being a litter bug. How lazy can people be? Just yesterday I was at a light at the corner of 4th & I ( 4th, 5th, H, & I) are the main drags through town. There were two woman with a baby at the corner of this large, busy intersection waiting to cross and one of them just dropped her nearly empty 16 oz plastic bottle of Pepsi on the sidewalk. The remaining Pepsi spilled out while they chatted away waiting for the light to turn. I burned a hole through her head with my eyes but she didn’t notice. Thirty seconds later the light turned green and they went on their merry way.

6:46 PM  
Jocelyn said...

That's cause you're a person of integrity - right on!

Don't even get me started on litter. Cheetos bags are very popular around here too. Winter provides a respite from my daily pickup on our block- Yes, I pick up litter in from of other people's buildings on our street because It bothers me! I like our block to look nice, not just my house.

I should do a "litter" post myself- I have tales to tell on this subject "and miles to go before I sleep."

8:49 PM  
Lenise said...

Look at the way people drive! If they don't give your life a second thought, they're hardly going to be concerned with your yard. An awful lot of people think they are the only ones in the world who matter.

9:07 PM  
Denny said...

I don't live on a busy street so there really isn't a trash problem but ALOT of people around us have dogs. The dog poop thing really gets me. Ever step in a pile when you are mowing? Blech!! I have stood on my porch as someone allows their dog to do its business in my yard just to make sure they clean it up afterward. Of course I can't watch all the time and some people remain inconsiderate. I mean, really, if someone is going to own a dog then be responsible enough to clean up after it. I do. How hard is it to slip a plastic grocery bag in your pocket when you walk out the door with your dog?

8:08 AM  
Kristin said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my hatred of litterbugs! :)

2:08 PM  
halloweenlover said...

Are we related Kristin? I hate litterbugs. HATE THEM. I get rather infuriated when I see people throwing trash on the floor.

2:31 PM  

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