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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Room of Requirement

Today I was playing around with the arrangement of objects in our bathroom on HGTV's room layout tool, and I discovered something disturbing.

If we do everything I planned on my old graph paper sketch, there will be no place for a towel bar!

This is very distressing because I am a person who requires a towel bar. I am a person who requires everything to be easily in reach and who is deeply annoyed by inconvenience. Let's face it - I'm a primadonna.

This towel bar discovery is making me a little nervous. People keep trying to tell me clawfoot tubs are no fun to take a shower in because you have nowhere to set your stuff, and the shower curtains blow in on you.

This will be our main shower in the house. We will use it every day. Are we going to regret this?

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Jordana said...

I love the way they look, but I turned down a free, perfect condition clawfoot tub for our main bathroom, because I think showering in them stinks.

But as for a towel bar, why can't it go next to the toilet or under the window?

5:23 PM  
Gary said...

But as for a towel bar, why can't it go next to the toilet or under the window?

Yeah! You could put 4 different colors of toilet paper on that Eastlake towel rack on Ebay!
Pink for Monday, blue for Tuesday....

6:06 PM  
Lenise said...

How about a couple of hooks? I totally agree with the towel bar thing, though. That's why I bought a drill after we moved in here. I don't understand how (why) anyone would have a bathroom without one.

6:07 PM  
Kristen said...

I want to allay your fears about showering in a clawfoot. I have every day (or thereabouts) for the last four-plus years and it's fine. I have one of those removable shower massage heads so that I can wash my hair while taking a bath, if I want. Also handy for rinsing down the tub. I have cloth outer shower curtains with fabric liners and they don't blow or move at all. The only bad part about it is I'm one of those who likes to switch lines frequently, so I can never splurge on those expensive shower curtains because I'd need three of them! As for storage, I purchased an organizer at Bed, Bath and Beyond or maybe Linens n' Things, can't remember which, that hangs from the same bar as the curtains and has mesh pockets to hold all of your supplies. The fabric around the mesh occasionally gets a bit mildewy, but I just put the whole thing in the tub and spray it with Tilex mildew remover (with windows open for ventilation) and rinse it off. Good as new! I can't find the exact one I bought, but try searching "mesh shower organizer" or similar to get an idea. You can't beat a clawfoot for a nice, hot soak, either.

6:52 PM  
amanda said...

Can you put the towel bar on the back of your door?

7:47 PM  
Trissa said...

Could you hang a towel bar on the wall where the toilet is? Then you could have hooks for convenience close to the tub, but then be able to hang up the towels neatly when you're done. Just a thought...

8:08 PM  
Anonymous said...

We've got our towels (and robes) hanging from vintage-looking hooks on our bathroom doors (we have a Jack and Jill bathroom, so two doors). It works well for us!


8:54 PM  
Patricia W said...

Hooks sound like a good alternative. Also, there are towel bars that have a pole from floor to ceiling with moveable arms for hanging towels on so that they can be swung toward the wall to save space.

Thanks for the info. about the billowing shower curtain. I had a shower head installed on mine a while back but haven't used it because I have yet to put up a curtain ring. I didn't know there was a billow problem but now I already know how to keep from having one. I also like the mesh necessity holder.

8:53 AM  
Kristin said...

I actually did find the mesh organizer online - maybe at stacksandstacks.com. It's on my Want List page, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now.

Thanks for the tip about the fabric liner - I think if I could avoid the blow-in affect, that would help.

About the towel bar, let me clarify that there are spaces in the room to hang one, just not close enough to the tub for my taste. I like to be able to reach for the towel while I'm in the shower so I can get partially dried off before I have to venture out into the cold bathroom. :)

Though I just thought of something. Maybe I could hang one on the window wall, at the end of the tub. It would be shielded from the water by the curtain, and it would be in easy reach. Not so pretty, but it would work.

I like the hooks idea, too. Gotta have my fluffy pink robe nearby, too!

10:51 AM  
hedgetoad said...

Had a clawfoot tub with shower curtain surround and never had a problem with billowing. I used two heavy plastic curtains... clear plastic on the non-showing side and clear plastic with fishies. I think the heavy plastic made the difference because it couldn't really blow around. Also, the extra curtain made sure there was little "stretching."

It did take some time to get used to having clear plastic.

1:59 PM  
Greg said...

There seems to be a problem with the “Message in a Shoebox” post so I’ll put my comment here.

It looks good to me. I would try and add something for towels, TP, and just general storage if possible. I’m not sure how accurate that scale is but something between the sink and tub would be nice. Something that it is the right height to keep a towel on. I have a small marble topped oak commode that works well for me. It has three drawers and a small cabinet.

Also, if you keep the tub in that direction it gives you the opportunity to do some nice water supply & drain lines. I did nickel plated double off-set supply lines and a nickel plated drain on my tub. Graceful and elegant. Take a look at http://deabath.com/Clawfoot/drainsnsupplies/drainsnsupplies.htm

8:09 PM  
mindy said...

I had a clawfoot tub in one of my old apartments, and I loved it. It was very roomy and open feeling. I didn't notice much billowing - I had a plastic curtain inside and a fabric one outside.

That bathroom had carpet in it (eww) but I did notice that there was some water leakage if the curtain wasn't in properly, so a rug around the whole tub (instead of the traditional bath mat on only one side) might be good if you're worried about any water damage to the floors.

I had a mesh organizer too. There are prettier ways to organize your supplies, but that's the cheapest route!

12:11 PM  
talitha cumi said...

Princess Diana was the victim of high winds and a lightweight skirt (and some some paparazzi) once, and insisted that thereafter all her skirts have weights sewn in the hem. You could try that with your shower curtains to prevent billowing...

4:43 PM  

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