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Monday, January 16, 2006

Message in a Shoebox

Lately, I've had a little trouble picturing the end result of our bathroom remodel. I've felt lost, afraid to make any of these big decisions that will affect us and our house for many years to come.

But when I was in the shower on Sunday, I got an idea. I always get my best ideas in the shower, so I have high hopes for this one.

I'm building a dollhouse, right? I have miniature bathroom fixtures for it, right? Hmmm, our bathroom is a long rectangle. I just happen to have quite a collection of shoeboxes. (I have quite a collection of shoes, too, but that's a story for another day.) The shoeboxes I always hang onto because they have so many handy uses. They're the perfect size for so many things.

Like miniature 1-foot-to-1-inch scale bathroom models!

I found a shoebox that's the perfect size and hunted through my dollhouse stuff for the appropriate fixtures. I found a sink, toilet and clawfoot tub, but the vanity I found was more like a highboy and looked ridiculously huge in the bathroom.

So I improvised with a folded piece of paper.

Here's the result:

It's not much to look at, I know. But the point of it was to allow us to rearrange the fixtures and furniture any way we pleased. I wanted to make sure we weren't overlooking some arrangement because the current arrangement was stuck in our minds.

But the thing we found is that this IS the best arrangement. Sure, we could move the tub to the opposite wall (switching toilet and tub), so it would get less interference from the window. Sure, we could move the sink over by the toilet. But none of these things would be much better, and they would require lots of replumbing and hole-cutting-in-original-wood-floors. Let's all chant Greg's rule: Never cut old wood.

So I think we'll keep it like this. Next question: what to do with the space on either side of the sink? My original plan called for two tall built-in cabinets, one on either side of the pedestal sink.

Now I'm not sure if that's practical or if it would look weird. Maybe it would be better to put some kind of little table with shelves for towels and stuff between the sink and tub. Also, I'd love to squeeze in a hamper somewhere.

So waddya think, folks, now that you see it in 3D? Suggestions? Ideas? Warnings?

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Gary said...

If you buy yourself one of those Victorian wash stands with a towel bar across the top you will kill two birds with one stone. Maybe you could hide laundry in it, too.

10:27 AM  
HomeImprovementNinja said...

my suggestion would be to get a bigger sink. From looking at this, I'm thinking maybe a big piece of furniture that you convert into a vanity, then cut a hole in the top and put one (or two?) drop-in sink(s).

11:13 AM  
Jillbert said...

Hmmmmm.....ya' know, it just doesn't flow for me. Maybe the bigger sink as the previous poster suggested would do it --- it just seems like too many disconnected things right now....they're not really "tied" together.....

Wish I could offer a solution but I'm horrible at figuring out what works just know if I like it when I see it. I'm sure you'll get there. :)

1:03 PM  
deb said...

i love love love the idea of using your doll furniture!

if it fits, i'd put the tub against that far wall, and the loo by the sink... you could re-use the holes that are existing i would think (hope)...plus i love the idea of a beautiful (not-so) antique dresser converted to a lav, and you could still have a smaller type of dressing table where you've got it now.

whatever you do, it'll turn out great!

6:05 PM  

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