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Monday, December 19, 2005

Midnight Visitors

Good news! A simple can of WD-40 has eliminated many of our door-related problems. Last night my sister stayed with us, and that inspired us to get rid of the squeeeeaaaking problem with the guest bedroom door (and others). Ha! Who knew the solution was so straightforward?

Sadly, even WD-40 couldn't make the door shut properly. My sister spent the whole night hearing the cats' attempts - often successful - to open it, then feeling the arctic blast from the hall creep into her warm room. Once inside, Alistair curled up with her on the bed but Holy Terror Henry spent the whole night knocking things over. Even putting a heavy box in front of the door didn't stop them, so finally she gave up.

This is the very reason our little monsters don't get to sleep with us anymore. I love snuggling with them, but I love my sleep more. Sleep is my friend.

Sleep is my sister's friend, too. No wonder she doesn't spend the night often. :)

P.S. We saw King Kong and The Family Stone this weekend. I recommend both, particularly King Kong. But don't get the large drink - it's a looong movie and you won't want to miss anything to run to the bathroom.



mindy said...

I read somewhere that dogs who sleep in their owners' rooms are better behaved than those who don't. Given that mine are little monsters, I thought it was worth a try.

But HOLY HELL.... there was definitely a reason I was making them sleep on the other side of the house all these years! I was up all night listening to them toss, turn, wiggle and sigh.

Why can't animals just flop for 8 hours and keep our beds warm for us? ;)

2:40 PM  

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