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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Today the company I work for announced a restructuring/change of ownership. Something like that. The point is the company gave us each a week's pay bonus. Also, they cashed out our equity sharing (a new plan will start up soon). This unexpected cash comes at a very handy time. Our TV just broke, and our credit card bill this month is higher than usual because of the vacation. Also, our car tags and insurance are due. Plus, Christmas present time coming up.

So I'm happy. I know where I'm going on my lunch break - the bank!


Chris said...

I thought you were going to say that you were going shopping :-)

11:51 AM  
Kristin said...

Knowing me, that would make perfect sense! Only I went shopping yesterday on my lunch break.

1:23 PM  
Greg said...

Man, I could really use something like that right now. One of my tenants lost her job and was short of rent last month. It was like missing a paycheck. Broke, broke, broke, broke, broke.

Ummm...can I borrow some money?

3:24 PM  
Patricia W said...

Good for you two! And it seems just in time for bigger bills and a broken TV. Somehow things just seem to work out like that huh?

3:47 PM  
halloweenlover said...

Hurray! Congratulations! I could use that also : )

Now I have a house related question for you. I am starting the initial remodeling plans for my kitchen, and I'm concerned with staying period appropriate. Do you have any idea where I should look for that info? The house is 1938 colonial. Thanks in advance, kristin!

12:04 PM  

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