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Monday, November 07, 2005

Give In?

Okay, I have no decision for you. I showed Darwin the pictures and info on each sink, and he liked the tall American Standard one the best. I liked the delicate little Philadelphia one best. An argument ensued. Darwin said, "Get what you want. I don't care." I said, "You obviously do care if you're arguing with me about it."

I'm thinking of giving in. I'm telling myself the 1920s-style American Standard would fit with our bathroom well enough. Our clawfoot tub is a later-model after all, not a turn-of-the-century. And the taller sink would probably be nice. It's hard to imagine what's it's like for a taller person to use a short sink, since the short sink is just fine for me.

Give me one more day.


Anonymous said...


FWIW, we put in two of the American Standard sinks in our upstairs bathroom.

The fit and finish are great. The extra height is nice for me (I'm only 5'9") and my small children don't seem to have a problem with the extra height. The faucet, that comes with it, works well...The are heavy and seem solid.

and that, my friend, is my review ot the American standard Sink...


4:33 PM  
JLynnette said...

Sounds like every argument over the house we've ever had.

Hang in there.

6:29 PM  
Greg said...

The American Standard might be the way to go after all. As you said the tub is not 1902. In fact, I'm going to be doing a 1920s bathroom downstairs when I convert the scullery for a second bathroom. I had a 1926 addition that had a 1920s tub, sink and toilet in it that are all in great shape so I will reuse them.

Why not the bathroom your 1920s addition to your home.

7:00 PM  
Gary said...

The key to a good marriage is four simple words. Practice them and you will never go to bed mad. They are;
"Yes dear, I agree."

Which sink will be easier to clean of beard shavings, finger nail clippings and black grease from working on the house? There is your answer. See, that was easy!

7:38 PM  
Patricia W said...


We have it easy. We're shorties which means we never have to worry about banging our heads walking through doorways or having our legs get cramped in a Cooper Mini. I can't imagine how it must feel to have to bend over to use a sink. Maybe you oughta give in on this one. Then, down the road, when there is something you really really really really want, you can bring up the fact that you conceded in the decision on the sink. ;)

5:05 AM  
Dennie said...

I never gave an opinion on the original question of which sink to choose - but - I am more drawn to the taller sink too - maybe it's a guy thing. I just find the style of that sink really sharp where the other sinks look like all the sinks you see on display at Home Depot. I like the clean lines of it - hands down I'd pick that one if it were going in my house. I'm sure you'll get many compliments on it.

7:20 AM  

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