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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Everything But the Bathroom Sink

My original plan for the master bathroom included the Kohler Memoirs pedestal sink. Recently, I found a different sink and changed my plans. Then I went to Lowe's and saw the Kohler sink again. Now I can't decide which one I want.

That's where you come in. I'll present the case for each sink, and you decide by voting in the comments. Here goes:

Kohler Memoirs
~$288-??? at Lowe's
Height: 34.75 inches
Width: 27-30 inches (depending which style)

The major appeal of this sink is the spacious flat areas on the sides. Just looking at the picture, you can't tell how generous this space is. At Lowe's, I stood in front of it and imagined setting all my getting-ready trinkets about on it. Ideal. Even with built-in shelves, cabinets, what-have-you, it would be nice to have a little horizontal space close at hand. The sink is also attractive.

OK, just noticed there are two kinds of Kohler Memoirs sinks - "Stately" and "Classic." Similar style, though, so vote away.

Philadelphia Oval
~$199 at Rensup.com
Height: 32.25 inches
Width: 26.125 inches

I feel more comfortable with the design of the sink in relation to our house. I saw an original one like it in an 1895 Victorian on This Old House Classics, so I figure at least the time period is close to right. Also, it's pretty and different than most sinks you see in just anybody's McMansion.


Jordana said...

What is the relative height of each sink? Some pedestal sinks are really short and would be uncomfortable to use all the time.

I think you are right that the second (and cheaper!) one would suit your home very well, but I think I'd probably go for the one that was the tallest.

1:37 PM  
Chris said...

short people like me wouldn't mind a shorter sink ;-)

I agree with you about having places to rest your stuff while getting ready. I think it would depend on how mush space you have to spare in your bathroom as well. The top one seems to visually take up more room, if that makes sense? I think it could look too crowded in a small space. the bottom one doesn't give me that feeling.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous said...

They are both lovely--the round one screams out "Vintage!" to me, and it's unique. But my practical side likes the Kohler with the edges to set things on.


2:52 PM  
Lenise said...

I'm cheap and I like the more old-fashioned look of the second. Of course, I'm also the kind of person who would immediately fill up all the space on the sink ledge, so I'm probably better off without that space!

3:10 PM  
Greg said...

They are both nice sinks. I would have to vote for the second one. I like it better but it is also more appropriate for your house. You could always add a small shelf next to the sink if you need more room. Rejuvenation makes some small, nickel plated & glass shelves that would also be period appropriate for your house. They are expensive at Rejuvenation so shop around. I bought the real thing on Ebay for less than $40.

3:26 PM  
Meredith said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:36 PM  
Meredith said...

I'm sorry! I changed my vote. I think the Kohler sink might look too angular adjacent to a clawfoot tub...it's a little too sleek.

3:39 PM  
Jillbert said...

I'm lovin' the look of the bottom sink. The top is nice (just bought it for my bathroom) but that bottom one.....man....looks perfect for YOUR house.

3:45 PM  
Patricia W said...

Definitely the bottom sink. It's adorable and would look wonderful in your bathroom. You can get some cool little shelves for sitting things on and besides, how much do you think you could sit on the square one? Not much so there isn't much advantage there. At least I don't think so. Actually, your sink will stay neat looking if you can't load it up with doo-dads. I got a similar sink/toilet combo from Loew's this summer for very little. It's not quite as authentic as the one you chose but the price was right. :)

4:17 PM  
Gary said...

This is a no brainer! You have three bathrooms! Go find another sink that you like and plan on one of each!

Eeney, meeney, miney mo.....

5:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

Beware the low sinks.

I am 5'10'' and I went looking everywhere for th etallest pedastal sink I could find. I finally settled on the American Standard 1910 sink at ( brace Yourself) Home Depot. It is 36'' inches tall. I liked the style the height and the edges of it. This is something that you are going to use everyday and if it is too short you are going to curse it every day too. Set up a yard stick and see if you like the final height of the sink.

8:12 AM  
Kristin said...

Last night I measured the current bathroom countertops in the house, and they're 2 inches lower than the shorter of the two sinks. So I think we'll be OK with the height of either.

8:37 AM  
Melanie said...

I like the top one. Very classy looking, but I'm voting for the bottom one (which I like, too). I agree with some of the others who posted saying that the bottom one will look better with your clawfoot tub and will go better with the vintage-ness of your house.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous said...

If you go with the Kohler, make sure you get the one you want. There are two Memoirs styles and the one you have pictured is the "special order" version. (We made that mistake already...good thing we haven't had time to install it anyway :-) ).

That said, for your house I'd go with the other sink. Our place is 1922 row house w/ very clear craftsman influcence. Everything is pretty sleek and "modern" in our place, so I think the Kohler works. But for a victorian I'd go the other way. You can always get some shelves for your getting ready stuff.

But, either will be great!

10:04 AM  
kingstreetfarm said...

I actually own two sinks that are very similar to the round one...but mine were $99 at Lowe's!

I say "own" as opposed to "use everyday" because they are still sitting in the middle of the bathroom waiting to be installed, but...hehehe. I do own them!

Here's the link to the ones I have (which now list the price as $105...but still. That's cheap.) I don't have the measurements handy, sorry.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous said...

hi --

I have been restoring my 1881 Victorian in the Boston area for 12 years now. I'm a design and dec arts historian--DEFINITELY the bottom sink is the one to go with. We went with exactly the same one in our upstairs bathroom with the clawfoot tub. We completely redid the downstairs bathroom a few years ago--it was an icky 70s job--and went with the Kohler Memoirs toilet (one of them) but went with a tiny wallmount sink since that's all the room we had. But even if we had had the room, we would have gone with anything but the Memoirs sink....too contemporary. We use a small Victorian plant stand-type table next to the sink to hold our stuff. Good luck!

9:41 PM  

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