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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Clothes Horse Reined In

This weekend was productive but not in the way I planned. I didn't work on the drywall-over-beadboard problem, but I did clean out and organize my closet. I have what some might call an overwhelming mass of clothes. A swarm. An avalanche. I regularly sort through them, but I still keep buying new stuff, too.

And I still have a surprising volume of old - like high school old - stuff hanging around. I tend to have sentimental attachments to objects, including clothes. I keep it if I wore it for a significant event (the teal satin shirt I wore the night I met my very first boyfriend, the turtleneck I wore to cover up my first hicky) or if I just really loved it (the pin-striped summer suit that made me look skinny, the fuschia sweater I wore all the time in college).

I allow myself to keep the things that I have strong emotions about because just looking at them takes me back to that place in time ... the night I kissed the much-older boy in a parking lot, playing Spades all winter in the dorm common room, that romantic late-night dinner at an Italian restaurant on our honeymoon, my first grown-up job, my wedding, ninth grade Homecoming when we decorated the hall with streamers and glow-in-the-dark paint.

But every time I do a sort, I can let go of more. I examine each item and ask myself a battery of questions:
  • Do I even like this anymore?
  • Would I wear this even if it still fit?
  • Did this really look that good on me in the first place?
  • Will this ever come back in fashion?

    When the answer to all or most is a resounding NO, I can get rid of the item with no regret. Most of the time I donate or try it out at a yard sale. I sold lots of my skanky "juniors" clothes from high school at a yard sale two summers ago. This weekend I listed some stuff on eBay.

    My vast collection is dwindling, and that's a good thing. Even now, I have two closets and an armoire packed full, along with seven or eight plastic bins and one dresser. Before I started the frequent sorting policy? I couldn't even venture a guess.

    I know what I should do. For every new item I buy, I should ditch one old thing. But who can keep track of all that?



    kingstreetfarm said...

    Hey, congrats on discovering the dark world of eBay selling!! Believe it or not, that's what I do for a living.

    1:34 PM  
    Kristin said...

    I've sold on eBay before, though never clothes. I'm swiftly getting addicted. I think it's so cool you do that for a living!

    3:45 PM  
    Jocelyn said...

    I am all about getting rid of stuff these days and being very selective about what I buy. We just do not have room to store much. I get rid of stuff every month and I am getting leaner all the time. Great if you can make some $$ of de-cluttering!

    6:42 PM  
    Patricia W said...

    Most of what we brought to Michigan is still in boxes. We have done without so many of our usual 'traps and calamities' that I am beginning to rethink how much of it we really need. Of course, her toys are something that will be kept and all of my electronics/computer junk but clothing is a major chunk of what is in boxes (embarrassing). I'll probably end up taking everything to Goodwill. I took box after box to them in Texas and will probably do the same here. I'm not patient enough to do the ebay thing unless it is something I know I'll get a decent return on.

    6:52 AM  
    Chris said...

    Why not take a picture of all the items you have a sentimental attachment to,write a little sentence or two about the item and then ditch the item. That would probably be a lot more fun to look at than sorting through dressers full of stuff.

    7:09 AM  
    Kristin said...

    Good suggestion, Chris. I've also considered making a quilt from the fabric. Of course, then I'd have to learn how to make a quilt.

    10:04 AM  
    Leah said...

    Another good question to ask yourself is, "I know I was saving this for sentimental reasons, but do I even remember what that sentimental reason WAS?" If not, ditch it! Going through my memory box, I discover that problem - "I know this rock is from some beach somewhere, but darn if I can remember where!" ;)

    10:28 AM  

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