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Friday, November 11, 2005


Today is Darwin's 29th birthday. In honor of this special day I shall tell you 29 little-known facts about my dear husband. He doesn't read this blog, so he can't get embarrassed. (tee hee)

1. He thinks his eyes are hazel. I don't know where he got this bizarre idea, but his eyes are decidely BLUE. Instead of trusting his highly intelligent (not to mention kind and generous) wife on this fact, he asked the old lady at the DMV. His driver's license still says HAZ.

2. He has one pair of purple leopard print underwear, given to him by an ex-girlfriend.

3. He also has one pair of normal underwear with the words Property of Kristin written on the back in pink fabric marker. I'll let you figure out who gave him those one Valentine’s Day long ago. ;-)

4. He lets me hold the remote most of the time.

5. He hates to read, and the only book he remembers fondly from his school years is Danger on Panther Peak.

6. He was on the state champion small engines team in middle school.

7. He owns a CD of the techno-pop group Aqua, featuring the hit song "Barbie Girl." He played it on our first date, and I almost jumped right out of the moving vehicle.

8. He loves to have his feet and back scratched. He also likes me to give him a manicure.

9. He owns (and wears) a pair of brown leather cowboy boots.

10. When he sings with his gospel group, single women in the crowd smile at him and bat their eyelashes.

11. His name is Darwin, but his parents don’t believe in evolution.

12. He never has an opinion about movies. You ask him what he thought of it afterward, he always says, "It was okay."

13. He has strong opinions about eating a slice of pizza on the way home from Pizza Hut. He is strongly AGAINST it.

14. He speaks baby talk to our cats. (Okay, so do I.)

15. The cats like him slightly better than me.

16. He was born almost three months premature. He was due in January. He still has a vaguely heart-shaped scar on his arm from when they removed the IV thingy and ripped off some of his skin with it.

17. For his kindergarten school picture, he wore a fuschia polo shirt. (I was wearing a similar shirt in my kindergarten picture. Coincidence? Fate?)

18. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Not so with this man. The way to his heart is a clean, trash-free vehicle. He also thinks washing cars is fun.

19. His favorite ice cream flavor is homemade vanilla.

20. He likes his pizza with mushrooms, sausage and pepperoni.

21. He abuses the English language with an abandon that’s almost admirable.

22. He cried when he saw me at our wedding. That’s my most vivid (and favorite) image of him on that day.

23. Sometimes he calls me Sweaty instead of Sweetie.

24. His favorite shirts are those very soft sueded cotton ones from Old Navy. (I just bought him a couple more)

25. He doesn’t get annoyed when I call him some insane pet name like Sugar Pumpkin Pie Buns or My Little Frosted Flake. He only takes offense if I call him a brand of chocolate cereal because he hates chocolate cereal.

26. He falls asleep on the couch a lot.

27. His favorite shoes are black Converse high tops. He always wanted some growing up, and now that he has a wife who likes to do the buy one, get one half off at Shoe Carnival, he got to buy them.

28. He likes scented candles, especially vanilla-scented ones, and lights them while he’s cooking.

And last but not least …

29. He has a very cute fanny.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday Darwin!!!

I'll never think of him again without also thinking of purple leopard print underwear ;-)

7:12 AM  
halloweenlover said...

I love your list!!! Happy Birthday Darwin!

And again, we have lots and lots in common. Let's see.

4. Yes, me too.
18. Made me laugh out loud because SOOOO TRUE.
28. He likes vanilla candles, but I light them for him.
29. Of course!

1:12 PM  

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