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Friday, October 21, 2005

Stick Figure Bathroom

For a while, I've had a drawing of our master bathroom vision taped to the wall that will be destroyed in our plan. (Why am I bothering to say "our" when everybody knows it's "my"?)

But plans have changed a little since I made this drawing. For example, I've changed my mind about which sink I want, and I've given up on moving the plumbing around.

This week I finally made an updated drawing as well as an updated layout. Have I mentioned how much I love graph paper?

Here's the layout:

We plan to build the small walk-in closet in the nook in the hall, and I want to build shallow 6-foot-tall cabinets with shelves (like really tall medicine cabinets) on either side of the sink. Also, in that blank space along the wall next to the toilet, I want to put a piece of furniture - maybe a vanity with chair or a bench with a lid that lifts for laundry storage.

Here's my vision (or something like it):

I'd prefer the tub to face the other way, but we don't want to have to move the plumbing.

I found the sink I want the other day. On an episode of This Old House Classics last week, we saw an oval pedestal sink that was original to (or at least had been there a while) in an 1890s house. Then on eBay, I saw the modern version! This one, conveniently, doesn't have separate hot and cold faucets like the old one but still has the look. And it's cheaper than the Kohler I originally intended to buy. Hurray for cheaper!

Now I'm just wondering if I should buy a second one for the half bath ...



Gary said...

You can always build a low platform to put the tub on by using 2 X 4s. This will allow you to extend the existing plumbing under the platform, thus allowing you to turn the tub around. The platform can be tiled if you want. Just another option you may not have considered.

12:05 PM  
~vicki said...

I enjoy seeing this process & the plans taking shape. Thanks for sharing your stories and ideas.

1:19 PM  
Sabrina said...

Ooooooh, I LIKE Gary's idea.

You might have enough room in your bathroom that you could do a platform with maybe even two steps. (Of course, my dream bath is a garden tub, I like the steps up into them...so maybe that's where I'm coming from here.)

Gosh, there are some really smart people reading this blog. (Heehee!)

1:26 PM  
Chris said...

We turned the clawfoot tubs in two of the children's bathrooms. but for us it was easy since the ceiling on the first floor was torn out anyway. I love the sink. We have pedestal sinks in every bathroom, well technically one is a console sink, but same idea.

I love graph paper too.

4:56 PM  
halloweenlover said...

You're an artist Kristin! WOW! I love the picture of the bathroom, and I love the sink too. I wish I had a picture to show you, but my mother in law found this console that would have been age appropriate and had my FIL cut out a hole for the sink. It looks gorgeous, dark wood and very fancy with curved legs and drawers underneath. Maybe she can take a pic so I could show you. You might like it, maybe for the half bath?

Although I do love that sink!

3:48 PM  
Beth said...

Mmmmm....so much STORAGE in the bathroom.

Green with envy once again.

11:49 AM  

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