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Monday, October 03, 2005

No More Bare Walls

After my two-week eBay spree, I realized I'd need frames for all this art. Turns out, dark wood frames (to coordinate with our dark floors and dark furniture) aren't so easy to find. I searched several stores in town on my lunch breaks last week without success.

Finally, on Friday I hit the jackpot ... twice. The first time was on my lunch. Out of desperation I went to Hobby Lobby again (hey, maybe I missed something). Next door is a Tuesday Morning store, where they sell discounted fancy stuff.

There I bought several picture frames, all different sizes and styles but all a similar dark shade of wood. Hurray!

Then once I got back to good ol' Eutaw, I decided to try the Dollar General (one of three dollar stores). Believe it or not, I found exactly what I needed there! Super cheap (but not too cheap-looking) 11x14 black and dark wood frames, along with 8x10s and 4x6s.

I couldn't find a proper frame for my three 1890s vegetable can labels, but then I found them at the Family Dollar yesterday.

So I'm all set! Well, nearly. I still have to figure out a framing method for the 1 million and 1 vintage postcards of Eutaw and Mobile I bought (thanks Mindy, for the suggestion!).

But I got several things framed and last night convinced Darwin to hang the art up in the kitchen. Finally, the eye candy:

I think that's also the first wider view of the kitchen since we've put the knobs on the cabinet doors. Turns out I bought two too few, so I'll have to reorder from Rejuvenation.

The black-framed art will tie in even better once we get the black and white hex countertops installed. I can't wait!

Still to do in the kitchen:
  • Install countertops.
  • Install backsplash (subway tile?).
  • Hook up electricity for disposal.
  • Paint walls.
  • Install less hideous light fixtures.
  • Build built-in cabinet for my Fiesta ware next to pantry.
  • Remove brick-print vinyl.
  • Refinish wood floors (or something).

    It sounds like a lot. Okay, it is a lot. But the kitchen is functioning and not too terrible looking right now, so most of the projects remaining are non-urgent. Except the vile light fixtures. Oh, and I've already bought the tile for the countertops, so could we please get that done soon? Thanks.

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    halloweenlover said...

    It looks fantastic Kristin! I love how you hung the artwork and I can totally picture how it will all tie together once you have the hex tile counters. Wow!

    12:42 PM  
    Anonymous said...

    It looks fantastic! Right out of a vintage kitchen ad!


    1:06 PM  
    Jocelyn said...

    Kristen- it looks really nice and is coming together very well. I bought some old ads on eBay recently and am having those framed. EBay is great for inexpensive art- I agree :)

    1:14 PM  
    Chris said...

    Looks great! I recently bought vintage wine labels on ebay for hanging in our butler's pantry.

    Can't wait to see the tile counters.

    7:02 AM  

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