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Friday, October 14, 2005

Move Over, Angela Bassett

The vacation was a nice break from thinking about the house, but we need to get our groove back.

I'm afraid that our lazy week will translate into a lazy weekend. So I'm declaring right here on this blog what we're going to get accomplished this weekend. That way, I'll be so fearful of the shame of announcing our failure that I'll actually do something.

Here goes:

  • Frame botanical prints and more old photos. (We bought several frames at Old Time Pottery in Gatlinburg ... I love Old Time Pottery and wish I'd had more time to peruse the whole store.)

  • Hang said prints and photos in the dining room.

  • Bash out the rest of the master bathroom floor tile.

  • Remove green carpet from half bath, where Henry-cat took it upon himself to pee while we were gone. (The carpet had to go eventually anyway ... it's green carpet ... in a bathroom.)

  • Strip more woodwork with the dreaded heat gun.

    I better leave it at that before I condemn myself to Monday-morning shame.



    Greg said...

    Sounds like a full schedule. I've never understood carpet in a bathroom. What can people be thinking?

    12:52 PM  
    Serendipity House said...

    Hey Kristin! Thanks for leaving that "hot" comment! (Ok, NOW who couldn't resist! LOL) I've been spending some time catching up with your houseblog this morning...love the pic/idea about the decorative tile! Can't wait to see what you do with the place! Oh, and don't beat yourself up so much about taking some well-deserved time off. Have a terrific weekend!

    7:55 AM  

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