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Monday, October 31, 2005

Disco Fever

Happy Halloween! We disco'ed the night away on Saturday at our neighbors' Halloween party. We never could find '70s characters we wanted to be, so we just went with a general sparkly disco theme.

We had so much fun getting ready. I couldn't get my false eyelashes on straight, so I asked Darwin to help, and he glued them halfway up my eyelid. That was a sight.

We took this picture when we got home from the party, so we're looking a little disheveled, but you get the idea. (hint: that is not my real hair)

The party was such fun that now I'm thinking about hosting one for New Year's Eve!


Chris said...

You guys look great! I can hear the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack playing...

1:50 PM  
halloweenlover said...

FABULOUS costumes! I love your hair ; )

2:41 PM  
Jordana said...

Fun, fun, fun! You look great.

2:57 PM  

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