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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

4x4 or 3x6?

Like every project around here, progress on the master bathroom tile-bashing has been slow. I keep holding off on posting a progress picture, hoping we'll get a little more done. Finally, we chipped away at it - literally - and here's the current state of the bathroom:

A question: would it be horrible of us not to bash out the 4x4 wall tiles? If we could find some to match (they're plain white 1960s-era tiles ... maybe not too difficult to find), we could fill in the blanks where the current tub will come out and to finish out the sink area of the bathroom.

We're probably doing a subway tile backsplash in the kitchen. Do we need another room with subway? And 4x4 tiles were in use in the '20s, right? Not cushioned-edge ones like these, but we'd be using the modern version of subway tiles anyway, so what's the difference?

I'm thinking about our wallet (we just had to pay for four new tires on my car, and Darwin's will need them soon, too) and about the effort involved.

So what do you, noble blog reader, think about my proposal?

P.S. We're planning to do black and white pinwheel tile on the floor, so would that coordinate with the 4x4 on the wall or look freaky?



Patricia W said...

I think it would look great. If the 4x4 tile on the wall is in good shape I don't see any reason to rip it out. I love tiles in bathroom areas. I can't wait to see the bathroom when it is finished.

9:36 AM  
Gary said...

It is a little known fact but you can put tile on tile. So, rather than match the existing tile, you could do a color or a pattern around the bathtub. Like a black and white diamond checker pattern. Just make sure you get enough bull nose edge tiles to do the job.

9:41 AM  
K. said...

We got white 4"x4" (actually 4 and 1/4" with the automatic spacer) at Home Depot for 14 cents each. Such a deal we couldn't resist.

10:39 AM  
amanda said...

Gary's suggestion for a pattern around the bathroom sounds good- it's better to make it look like you did something on purpose than to make it look like you tried to match it and you failed. I think that the tile that you described on the bathroom floor will look great! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

11:28 AM  
amanda said...

sorry that should say bathtub... pattern around the bathtub...

11:29 AM  
Jordana said...

My parents' house was built in 1929 and has beautiful, colorful art deco tiles in all the bathrooms. I think the wall ones are 4x4. None of the tile original to the house is subway tile, although I think my mom used those on the backsplash when they redid the kitchen. One thing that is original to their bathrooms and worth considering, is a big, decorative tile centered on the back of the wall on the side of the tub. When my parents' redid their third floor bathroom, they put in a big tile 12x12 like those in their other bathrooms, but my mom found the deco tile at TJ Maxx for $12. It had a backing on it for hanging on a wall, which she soaked off and then after letting it dry, it was good to go. It turned out really, really well.

11:42 AM  
Meredith said...

I would definitely leave the wall tile. In our last home we ripped it out and replaced it with a more modern tile...and the toilet would not fit back on its flange, even though we had dry-fitted it. What a nightmare!

12:34 PM  
halloweenlover said...

I wouldn't take down the wall tiles, I think the floor will look great against it.

We are debating that now also, but our wall tiles are subway and pale yellow and I am afraid we won't find anything to match. But it is starting to look old in some places!

Great start so far!!!

1:42 PM  
Greg said...

If it is in good shape and quality workmanship, I say leave it. Why waste something that is perfectly good.

2:26 PM  
Chris said...

Another vote for leaving the tile! I like the idea of using decorative tiles.

6:54 AM  

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