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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Work Day Club™ to the Rescue

A few evacuee families have found their way to our little hamlet. This weekend, the Work Day Club of Eutaw™, plus two other handy couples, cleaned up and fixed up an old house for one family who fled New Orleans. Darwin and I only helped for a few hours on Sunday, but some of the others labored the whole weekend.

This house is an 1840s cutie ... or used to be. The ceilings have been lowered and every other atrocity imaginable enacted upon it. Inside, you'd never know the house was antebellum. It looks maybe ante-World War II. It's in a sad state.

Fortunately, now it's relatively clean and, from what I hear, much better smelling. People from around Eutaw donated sheets, mattresses, clothes, cleaning supplies, etc. for the family to tide them over until their little bit of money arrives.

As awful as the destruction is at my parents' house in Biloxi, at least they don't have to start over with virtually nothing, like this family does. I can't imagine losing everything and transplanting to a new place, having to rely on strangers for even the smallest necessities.

It's hard to imagine, too, that there are thousands more like this family, facing these same difficulties, all over the state and the country.

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halloweenlover said...

How terribly sad. But how nice to know that you live in such a generous and caring community. That really touched me.

5:52 PM  

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