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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not Gangrene, Too!

It has been Depression-Fest 2005 around here for the past two weeks, so I'm going back to regularly scheduled programming. That means a return to the usual mixture of whining and self-congratulation.

In between the worrying and the CNN-watching and last night's Punky Brewster-on-DVD marathon, I've been taking breaks to continue work on stripping the woodwork in the entry hall. In that process, I managed to give myself my first serious heatgun burn. I'd been listening to a novel about a Civil War battle and house-turned-hospital (The Widow of the South ... a fascinating book by a guy on the board of a house museum in Franklin, Tenn.), so when the burn turned into a bubbling red mess three days later, I was convinced I was getting gangrene and would have to bite down on a piece of wood while the army surgeons did their grisly work, then tossed my severed limb out the window onto the growing pile by the smokehouse.

Fortunately, a river of peroxide solved the problem, and my leg is healing nicely. No need for the surgeons, though I won't be surprised if I have a scar. Oh the suffering we endure for these houses.

And the work continues. The woodwork in the entry hall consists of two normal-sized doors, one 9-foot-tall window, the front door with transom (which makes it 9 feet tall), 1-foot-tall baseboards, a fireplace mantel, and a set of double doors the normal height and around 9 feet wide.

So far I've stripped most of the baseboards, most of the fireplace, most of the two normal-sized doors' trim, up to a height of 6 feet on the window trim, about 1/4 of the frame around the double doors, and ... oh, I'm tired of listing this stuff now.

As sporadic as my progress is, these two weeks of frenzied stripping interspersed with long patches of sitting-on-butt-and-watching-TV has made a big difference in the room. Instead of seeing an endless, hopeless project stretching before me, I've entered into that special zone where it feels actually possible to finish one day.



amanda said...

Congrats on getting somewhere with the stripping. That is not a fun job at all! Those heat gun burns are nasty and very, very painful, so take care of yourself! My neighbor dropped the heat gun and it landed blow-ey side down on her hand. She has a very nice scar. Please post some pics when you have time, I'd love to see the progress.

12:53 PM  
Jocelyn said...

I hope your family is doing okay over there in Biloxi (right?). I thought of you the other day because I mentioned the World's Largest Yard Sale- didn't you comment on it once?

Anyway, I myself got a mild case of conjunctivitus I think from sawdust flying in my eyes all day Saturday. You're not alone in your affliction!

7:34 PM  
Kristin said...

Yep, it was me talking about the yard sale. I can't remember which was which ... there are two yard sale chains that claim to be the longest, I think. One came through Eutaw. The Eutaw segment of it was awesome! Next year, I hope to go to the one in Gadsden.

8:45 AM  
halloweenlover said...

Poor Kristin! That is terrible, although I did chuckle with the gangrene. I was convinced I had malaria the other day, but, umm, I just had a cold : )

The pictures look fantastic! I can't wait to see the finished project. You are getting so good at this!

9:21 AM  

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