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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bonus Photo

Okay, here's the photo of the house that was built to replace the Victorian that burned in 1914.

The brackets under the eaves made me think it was Craftsman, but those round columns and balustrade across the front and the sheer size of it throw me off. Upon further research, I wonder if it's Italianate?

It has elements that remind me of our neighbor's house, which was built in the 1840s but significantly renovated around 1910. Expert opinions?


ben said...

I think your right. I'd say it was Italianate.

11:18 AM  
amanda said...

Possibly Italianate with Craftsman influences? Our house is Craftsman with Victorian influences. I think that architecture was not so much about being in a single category in the 19-teens. Gorgeous house though!

12:17 PM  
halloweenlover said...

I agree, beautiful house. I do prefer the prior Victorian, but this is too pretty.

1:30 PM  
Patricia W said...

It's gorgeous, and I bet the interior was gorgeous as well. It looks like a mix of several styles as the comments before me state.

2:16 PM  
K. said...

Thank you! It is quite a grand house still. Not a bungalow, by far.

5:44 PM  
Greg said...

Italianate works for me. It is a stunning home. It almost looks a little Prairie Style with those deep, over-hanging eves. I forget what year that style started, but 1914 may be too early. They replaced one great home with another. I’d like to meet those people.

9:11 PM  
William R. Johnson said...

Dear Kirsten,
Could you drop me a line. Those are Freeborn (Freeburn) relatives in this picture! Thanks.

Willliam R. Johnson, SAR]
Mpls, MN

4:22 PM  

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