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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dining Room Dilemma

The time has come to decide on a dining room color. I want the dining room to be my weekend project. I warned you I'd need advice on this, and surprise surprise, I do.

Normally, I'm fairly decent at choosing colors. Some might even call me brave because I like 'em bold, and I usually don't hem and haw too much. I've even finally chosen a paint color for my master bedroom (a purpley mauvey grayish color ... clear as mud, right?) when we ever get the closet ripped out.

But this darned dining room is giving me fits. Adjoining the dining room with pocket doors is the lovely dark red living room. So naturally I'd like the dining room color to coordinate with that. But there are other factors to consider, too. Like the dragon green (that's what I call them anyway) fireplace tiles and the curtains that have olive green in them.

The curtains and the tiles don't make a puke-worthy combo because the green in the curtains is small bits, and they're all the way across the room from the tiles. But slap a lovely olive all over the walls, and you'd get some serious clashin' action.

The curtains also contain red (hence the red in the living room) and a lovely gold color that's also found in the upholstery of my new/old parlor set.

I'm considering this palette of colors from the Sherwin Williams Victorian collection:

The rusty red ("Cajun Red") is the color we painted the living room. The gold looks great with green and red, but would it be too much on the wall? The dark green would look fabulous with the fireplace tiles (maybe even tone down the poor things a bit), but would it be too dark and/or with the red look too much like Christmas at the Waltons?

As you can see, I'm quite conflicted. My plan is to buy a quart of Billiard Green and of Empire Gold this afternoon and see what happens when I douse the wall with them. Okay, I might try a little more precision than that.

Anybody got some pre-action predictions?



heather said...

I vote for the gold. Actually, I think my first pick is the smaller "wheat" color swatch that is above the gold. It would add a lot of color but still be neutral enough that the other colors in the room wouldn't clash. Just my $.02.

Good Luck...and post picture of your "samples" once they are up.

4:34 PM  
lolly said...

LOL. When I saw the post title about the dining room color, I was thinking "GOLD!" before I even read the post.

4:57 PM  
Beth said...

I agree with the gold! I think green would make your house feel like Christmas year-round. It's fun for one month, but feels weird mid-summer.

6:07 PM  
Blair said...

we are going through a similar dilemma with what may be a same color palate - however, once I saw the metallics paint from Ralph Lauren, I had my idea... there is a stripped effect in one of their booklets that is oh so pretty in a victorian way, and reminds me of the hand drawn wallpaper they used way back when! So, as of this moment, that is my plan, but our dining room is 8x16 and has that huge entry into a gargantuan living room so it is not going to be that tough to do. We were going to choose accent colors in that burgendy shade, but not sure where since I can't decide if the metallics are a cool shade or a warm one...

6:36 PM  
K. said...

Me four! I was thinking of gold before seeing the colors. I say go with the gold, it will be a gorgeous complement to the blue/green.

7:38 PM  
Gary said...

Depending how high your ceilings are, how about the gold with the lighter green as 4 inch wide vertical stripes separated by 8 to 12 inches? You could do gold and beige stripes in which case I would make them equally about 8 inches wide and paint the ceiling light green.

8:08 PM  
Chris said...

Another vote for the gold color. I am having the same sort of dining room color dilemna with all the same colors as front runners.

7:34 AM  
amanda said...

I also like the gold! It goes so well with so many colors.

9:03 AM  
Emma said...

I love the SW historic colors! Anyway, I was thinking the gold or just the beige. I think the green tiles look great and the gold or beige would look nice with them (especially the gold if you aren't afraid of color). Just my thoughts....

9:59 AM  
Becky said...

I agree. I was thinking gold with in the first few sentences. Can't wait to see the end results!

12:32 PM  

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