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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Curtains Transformed

Why is it that the perfect kitchen is so important? Even to people like me who couldn't cook to save themselves from getting thrown into a tank full of sharks with lasers on their heads?

For us, convenience was the main reason the kitchen was the first major project we tackled. We had to have a microwave and a dishwasher. HAD TO.

And the kitchen is now in its 10th month of renovation. I'm even to the point of re-doing things we already finished. Like the curtains. Months ago, we put up perfectly reasonable curtains, and I was glad to check that item off the list.

Then the green and white curtains from Anthropologie arrived. I bought them for the bathroom, I swear. But somehow they made their way into the kitchen.

The curtains started out as 96-inch-long drapes with green grosgrain ribbon ties at the top and a ruffle at the bottom. But the ruffle - the cutest part - was hidden behind the table, so I decided to cut it off of each curtain and turn it into a valance for the top of the window. Then I'd convert the top half - with the ribbon ties - into cafe curtains.

I stopped daydreaming about this project and finally did it today while Darwin was gone for a few hours. I took the sheers that were in the kitchen before and moved them to the half bathroom (it's much brighter and less '70s in there now) and to the window in the entry hall that looks out onto the front porch. The 30-year-old sheer curtain that was there before had dry-rotted at the top and was hanging on by a thread. Not a good look.

Then I did some nipping and tucking on the green curtains. I haven't hemmed the cafe curtains yet because I don't have proper rods/rod for them yet, and I want to make sure I get the length right.

Though I liked the curtains we had before, I adore these new ones. They make the kitchen really pop, and they still let in plenty of light. I even have extra fabric if I want to make chair cushions or something.

Maybe I can't cook, but at least now I can look at pretty curtains while I make a tuna sandwich.

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Chris said...

Love them! You are so creative to rework them like that.

7:57 PM  
Jordana said...

Very cute!

8:28 AM  
halloweenlover said...

Ooooh, I love them! Adorable!

You should totally make seat cushions, they would look great. You've inspired me to get to work on kitchen curtains too!

10:25 AM  
Beth said...

Adorable. And such a reasonable price for them, too!

10:29 AM  
Peggy said...

you did a great job and the window treatment is beautiful

7:36 PM  

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