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Monday, August 01, 2005

Checks and Balances

Hurray! In spite of our action-packed weekend, we managed to follow Greg's advice and check off two items on our "to do" list.

Darwin braved a swarm of red wasps to fix the cornice board that fell off a month ago, and I finished painting the kitchen cabinet trim. Okay, I have to say it again - hurray! Now that the trim painting is finished, Darwin can install the rest of the cabinet knobs, and then that will be another notch on the Finished belt.

Also, my lovely green and white curtain from Anthropologie arrived. I intended to use it for the half bathroom, but once I saw it in person I thought it might be too pretty to relegate to a bathroom. Besides, the green kind of coordinates with the two other shades of green in my kitchen (on the cabinets and my shamrock Fiestaware).

I persuaded Darwin to tie the curtain on the rod in the kitchen so we can think about it for a while. We better think fast, though, because these curtains are on sale and might not last much longer.

One concern is that a whole wall of this busy fabric might be a little too ... well, busy. And it would be darker than the sheers we have now, which wouldn't be a good thing. The natural light in the kitchen is one of my favorite things about it. So now I'm thinking a valance in a similar fabric - or maybe even made from the Anthropologie curtain - might be better. A bit of color and interest without blocking the light.

And all this talk about curtains is a stall tactic because I'm afraid to confess what I did at the antique auction. Somebody take away my checkbook, please. I can't control myself. If I went to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, I would be the one the squirrels dragged to the garbage chute (or the one who the "eggdicator" declared a bad egg ... depending on which film version you prefer).

Shhhh. I bought a matching Eastlake bed, marble-topped dresser with mirror, and marble-topped wash stand. They're beautiful, but the guilt at spending UNDISCLOSED AMOUNT is eating away at me ... especially since I've spent the morning wrangling with the gym people to get out of my contract and in the end still having to watch $90 slip down the drain (p.s. Cory Everson's Fitness for Women is the DEVIL).

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Becky said...

How exciting about the bedroom set! Pictures?!?!

12:31 PM  
Trissa said...

It's amazing how much money a home can eat up- but just remind yourself that it is an investment! It would be great to see pictures of the new furntiture and curtains!

1:09 PM  
Kristin said...

My evil digital camera is still broken, and oops I just spent the money for a new one on the bedroom suite. I'll take pics with my film camera, but it's gonna be a while. *sigh*

5:05 PM  
Jenne said...

Yay! Someone else shops Anthropologie! [sometimes I feel bad telling people that I love it there...because it's so pricey. But their sales are great!]

9:14 PM  
halloweenlover said...

Hurray! Projects finished! I just wrote a long post about how I have to block my mind from thinking about everything I am NOT getting done and just try to enjoy the summer. It is so short of a season in New England, and the house will have to wait. So I am intensely jealous that you two got soo much done! Congrats!

Pictures, I second the request!!!

7:08 PM  

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