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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tina Tingles

I'm beginning to feel that the heat gun and I were unwise to start a relationship in the workplace. Now that lovin' feeling has faded, and here we are having to continue working together. It's the little things about him that are starting to bug me, the fried-paint smell that hangs in the air around him, the way he keeps burning me with hot paint specks, the fact that he can't seem to affect the paint on the baseboards.

Sunday night I tried to add up how many more hours my wood-stripping project in the entry hall will take. I guessed 20 more hours just for the heat gun work (and that's probably a low estimate), and I won't venture a guess about the subsequent chemical stripping and refinishing.

Since I'm the chief stripper in this house, I think I need a stripper name. According to this quiz, my stripper name is Tina Tingles.

In all seriousness, I really like my job as stripper-in-chief Tina Tingles. It's something I can do a little at a time and all by myself (wait, that doesn't sound right). For most projects around the house, I have to wait for Darwin to feel motivated. I'm gradually gaining confidence and experience with various tools and processes (hmm, that doesn't sound right either), but I'm still too girly, too afraid of heights, too something for most of the work.

I'm usually the planner, the supervisor, the tool-passer and the flashlight holder. But on this project, I am the go-to girl, and I like that.



Becky said...

Tim and I share the stripping responsibilities. Together we are the tantilizing duo Muffy (me) and Tiffy (Tim). All I know is we don't sound like strippers. More like old society ladies.

2:21 PM  
Chris said...

I am the painter here. And the start-a-project-competely-over-my-head-so-that-my-husband-has-no-choice-but-to-step-in-person ;-)

We have a handy man who does all of our paint stripping for us, neither of us had the patience.

2:46 PM  
heather said...

Love the "Tina Tingles" name. Was going to suggest if you wanted to change it you could go with "Chim Chim Applesniffer" (courtesy of Captain Underpants). :)

By the way, you'll find the more stuff you do, the more satisfaction you get doing it! I've gotten to the point that Lance can help with any project around the house he wants EXCEPT in the office. I'm bound and determined to finish that one all by myself now...just so I can say I did it MYSELF.

3:53 PM  
Trissa said...

Great post- The stripping and finishing takes forever, but it is so nice to look at it when it is complete. I will always love our staircase. Nick (Zandra- I think they don't consider male strippers for the quiz!) and I (BeBe) have both done the stripping and refinishing.

8:47 PM  
Kristin said...

These are so hilarious! Chim Chim Applesniffer? Maybe that can be Darwin's stripper name if I ever let him help.

I'm with you, Chris - I start projects just so Darwin will leap in and take over! :)

10:20 AM  
Anonymous said...

At least your heat gun isn't into S&M- mine has left me with large, painful blisters all over my right hand and wrist with his kinky ways. My husband's heat gun is also into S&M. Only a week after moving in, it started shocking him when he turned on. It seems like both of our heat guns have had a sad, abusive childhood together before they ended up at the Frederick, MD Home Depot where we bought them. We've now split them up and returned the shocking one to Home Depot. And my husband is calling me "Crispy" and has fired me from heatgunning the porch anymore.

12:47 PM  
deb said...

derek won't let me do any of the stripping, i'm too rough with the scraper. i don't blame him, really... i'd probably take huge chunks out of the woodwork... again! i'm the painter in this household!

1:15 PM  
Jocelyn said...

I tend to do the less precision-type jobs in our house, like removing lathe, laying insulation, stripping woodword. Steve handles the finish carpentry and power tools BUT my confidence is growing and I am planning to handle the demo of the entry myself and remove the trim myself slowly and carefully.

I know what you mean though- there's still this girl part of me that hates getting goop all over my hands. :)

8:32 PM  

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