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Friday, June 17, 2005

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Last night we watched Stir of Echoes on DVD. A scary movie, right? But at the parts where I was supposed to be sitting in tense anticipation, I was saying, "Look at that awesome bathtub!"

It was a good movie in its own right, but old house lovers should watch it just for the beautiful house and its fixtures. Of course, the house suffers some damage in the course of the movie, but at least the fascinating sinks and the bathtub remain intact.

And let's talk about the ghost for a minute. Before we moved into our old house, I actually feared that we would unwittingly move into a haunted house, and I would never get a good's night sleep again for lying flat on my back peering into the darkness. Yes, I've watched too many scary movies.

In the old days, I would've turned on every light in the house after a ghost story like Stir of Echoes. But - even if there really are such things in the world - our house feels empty and safe. Maybe it's because so few people have lived here - we are only the third family in its 103-year history - or maybe, like The Sixth Sense and the medium on A Haunting in Georgia suggest, it's because ghosts (or spirits or whatever you want to call them) are attracted to people who can sense them.

If ghosts do exist, and if that theory is true, then I am offended. What do the ghosts have against me? I want to see one! I'd like to have just one ghostly experience of my own, so I could decide what I believe.

I believe there are too many strange instances in the world to discount them all as hoaxes or overactive imaginations, but I don't know whether it's more related to a person's mind or if it's really some type of spirit. A paranormal psychologist-in-training led a ghost tour on our honeymoon in Charleston, and she said something interesting - it's a fact that energy cannot be destroyed but only changed, so where does the energy go when someone dies?

I definitely believe there is much more to the human mind than we realize. I believe in psychic connections, etc., though of course there are plenty of frauds in the world, too. My only vaguely psychic experiences have been of the usual variety: I pick up the phone to call my sister, and she's already on the line because she just called me and I picked up before the first ring. But is that just a coincidence?

Also, I have deja vu quite a bit, and I also usually remember my dreams. Each time I experience deja vu, it's not as "I've been here before." I can distinctly remember dreaming it. I've researched deja vu a little, and one theory is that it happens when some elements of this moment are so similar to a past moment that the two get mixed up in your mind, making you think you've been here before. I believe you dreamed it; most people only vaguely remember their dreams or don't remember them at all, so it would be common for people not to know where this memory came from.

So what do you believe? Ghosts, deja vu, psychics, telekinesis - are they real or a bunch of hooey?



Anonymous said...

It's all a bunch of hooey. Ghost stories – while chilling and fun to hear – have to be some of the most unoriginal storytelling known to man. Why? Because it's not hard to prey on our fears and uncertainties. But I know for sure there are no "ghosts" roaming the earth.

– T-bone

10:49 AM  
heather said...

I swear we have a ghost in our house! I keep telling myself that it's just the old floor creaking...but I swear there are times I am alone in the house and I hear someone walking around upstairs. I've also heard noises in the office (I'm hoping that the ghost likes the new changes :D). But the most bizzare actually happened last night. I was watching TV and the doorbell rang. I turned and looked out the window to see who was ringing the bell and there was nobody there! I was never a believer in ghosts...but this house is making me give that a second thought.

11:45 AM  
Marty said...

Long years ago I was living in an old house along the beach in Virginia. It had been divided into two apartments, one up and one down. At the top of the stairs a door had been nailed shut and barred to divide the house in two.

One night, as my roomie and I were watching TV, we heard the door betwen the apartments open, then close, and someone walk down the stairs. We looked at each other, then at the door, but there wasn't anyone there! Kinda creeped both of us out and we stayed up quite awhile and had a couple of drinks until we were brave enough to go to bed.

Later that summer, we were in the kitchen eating breakfast and the door to the porch opened, then closed, and someone walked along the porch to the kitchen door... and then nothing. Nobody was there. I am totally convinced the house was haunted.

11:57 AM  
Greg said...

I don’t believe in ghosts and I don’t normally get frightened by scary movies. However, a few weeks after I moved in to my current house I rented the Nicole Kidman movie “The Others”. Here I was in this 3500 sq ft, 3 story, 1895 Victorian house all by myself. Some rooms I hadn’t even spent 5 minutes in yet. When I put on the movie the sun hadn’t quite gone down yet (summer time) but by the time it was over the house was pitch black. The wiring was really bad so most ceiling lights didn’t work and I think I had only one or 2 table lamps plugged in. I just remember stumbling around in this huge, dark being scared – actually scared – for the first time since I was a child.

12:49 PM  
halloweenlover said...

I have advised any potential ghosts that may live in our house that I am not interested in meeting them. I really have! My husband laughs at me, but I'd rather not know if there are any ghosts. But I feel the same thing about our house, kind of happy but empty, so if there are ghosts they seem nice. I am going to rent that movie though!

1:35 PM  
Lee Ann said...

Myself and my family live in a 106 year old house. We have the original owner from 1899 and the postmistress from 1929 living with us. Both the original owner (who built the house for the love of his life and then died in the house 7 years later) and the postmistress (who died of TB just before she was to marry and leave her family home/also the post office) loved the house very much and we figure it was just their favourite place to be, so they stayed. We've never had a bad experience with them. The postmistress has been known to check in on our girls and once tucked one in. There was also a ghost cat but then we found the poor soul under the front porch when we restored it and we lovingly buried it in the back. Since then we no longer see the cat.

9:43 AM  

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