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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dirty Romance

You know how in romantic comedies, they always have the scene where the couple plays in the rain, kisses in the rain, or breaks up in the rain? On Monday, we did yard work in the rain. Does that count as romance?

Actually, it was kind of fun working in the rain. It wasn't as hot, for one thing, and we got pleasantly filthy. I haven't been truly dirty in a good long while. Maybe since that long-ago field day at church camp where I got someone's muddy sock print on my shirt.

We cut down the overgrown holly bush (though I made Darwin leave the huge honeysuckle vine where the bird nest sat) and cleared out all the weeds and junk that were growing under it. I'm amazed that neither of us has poison ivy. I plan to plant one of my flowering trees from the National Arbor Day Foundation near this spot.

Then we tackled the weedy flower bed. Darwin cut down the weeds and used Roundup on them two weeks ago, but he couldn't really get to the roots with all that excess leaves and pine straw in there, so we raked and hoed it all out.

Then, though Darwin was tired and wanting to wind down, I started hacking at the overgrown holly tree outside the kitchen window. As usual, Darwin couldn't resist leaping in with his chain saw and taking over. We might cut the tree down one day - it's pretty ugly - but for now it's just cleared out.

After that, we hauled all the limbs and bags of debris to the road, where we made a mountain that blocks the view from the driveway so we are risking our lives every time we leave the house. (Fortunately, the debris-clearing people were doing their thing this morning.)

Then we decided to cut a few of the magnolia limbs to see what happened. There's a hideous hole in the back of the tree now, but from the front, you can see the house better. Our plan is to cut all the trees and seedlings that have sprouted around the two large main magnolias. It will look funny for a while, but in the end it'll be better. They would take over the whole yard if we let them.

But for now, we'll enjoy the extra blooms.

P.S. Today is our third wedding anniversary (five years together total). Happy Anniversary to us! Ah, it makes me nostalgic for the days when we annoyed my college roommate by celebrating each and every "month-i-versary."

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halloweenlover said...

Oh my gosh, we also called them Month-i-versaries to annoy our roommates! and we would give each other anniversary cards every month and cross out the ann- and replace it with month-! I thought we were the only geeks! I also gardened in the rain this past monday. it wouldn't stop raining, so I just sucked it up and did it anyway.

Your yard has so many pretty plants!

8:30 AM  
Beth said...

The magnolia blossom is so pretty! Yay for yardwork!

9:58 AM  
Kristin said...

Hee hee, halloweenlover, it is good to know we're not the only geeks. We were so disgusting back then. PDA all the time.

10:58 AM  
Leah said...

Wow - Kristin! Ryan and I were married on the SAME EXACT DAY!!! How funny is that?!

We just got back from a little vacation to celebrate the day, and wouldn't you know it - all the house projects were waiting for us when we got back ;)

Congrats - on picking a wonderful wedding date, that is.

PS Glad to hear all went relatively well in traffic court.

11:26 AM  

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