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Monday, June 27, 2005

Almost Done

Saturday morning I woke up with a sudden, feverish need to work on the kitchen. In spite of the fact that Darwin didn't share that need, we got a lot done this weekend.

Most of the stuff we did was finishing touches. On Saturday, we started the day by sanding the glue residue from the laminate that was stuck to the side of the cabinet. Then I primed and painted it and the rest of the trim for the cabinet doors. We also took off all the already-finished doors, so Darwin could sand the edges smooth, and I could prime and paint. We had an assembly line going. I also primed and painted the backs of several of the doors that I missed on the first go-round this winter.

That night we had to knock off early to get ready for an Italian Mafia pool party at our neighbors' house. Much food and fun was had by all, though we did not adhere to the "g-strings and speedos only" rule.

Sunday we slept late and then I cracked the whip, and we got back to work. Darwin rehung the cabinets and applied the rest of the trim. I gave the trim another coat of paint.

And now, my friends, the kitchen feels so much closer to completion. All we have left to do is replace the floor, scrape and paint the ceiling, paint the woodwork, paper or paint the walls, replace the countertop, attach the cabinet knobs, install the backsplash, wire for the garbage disposal, and install the lighting.

See, almost done.

But I have a way to make myself feel better. Let's compare the before and after:



K. said...

I'm very interested in your kitchen restoration, because I have the very same 1950s Poplar cabinets in our 1920s home that we move into next month. I think we're going to keep the wood look (maybe with some kind of a treatment) instead of painting, but I'm desperate to spruce it up somehow.

Can I ask about your plans for hardware? Will you leave the hinges dark like that? Or have you found alternate hinges?


10:46 AM  
Jocelyn said...

great color choice- so fresh and clean looking!

10:53 AM  
Greg said...

Boy, what a difference. It looks greart. Hey! That kind of looks like my green!

11:15 AM  
Jordana said...

The colors look so calm and soothing.

The cabinets, before being painted, look a lot like the ones in my grandparents' house, which never struck me before. They fit better in my grandparents' Arizona ranch house though. The new colors and added trim seem better suited for your house.

Have you decided on flooring, countertops, or any of those things yet?

1:04 PM  
Kristin said...

K, we already changed the hinges from the '60s Colonial ones to these plain black ones. To match we have oil-rubbed bronze (almost black) faucet, knobs and bin pulls (we haven't put the knobs on yet).

Ours looked dramatically better even just after a good cleaning with TSP. New hardware could dress them up further without painting.

1:17 PM  
halloweenlover said...

It looks amazing! So bright and warm! Great job!

I am inspired to work on my kitchen, maybe I'll do a little tonight.

3:54 PM  
mindy said...

Kristin, your kitchen looks great - all that work has paid off. I love the newly painted stove. No more 70's avacado!

7:50 AM  
K. said...


If this is new hardware, I have even more questions. If you don't mind. I think the best part of this corner of the blogosphere is learning from each other, instead of each of us having to reinvent the wheel. And your kitchen looks so good.

Were the colonial hinges surface-mounted? And the new ones have hidden wings? So you changed up the orientation of the hinges? Was that hard or easy?

Thanks!!! K.

9:15 AM  
Kristin said...

The colonial hinges were surface mounted. We just bought and experimented with hinges until we could find some that fit. They fit in the groove between the cabinet doors and the cabinet frame, and that made the doors poke toward the middle a little more. So Darwin had to shave off the edges of the cabinets with his circular saw, so they would fit in the opening again. It was a big pain in the butt! But replacing the hinges was the only way to be able to put on the trim.

9:23 AM  

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